The Complete Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bedroom Set with Nightstands

A beautifully coordinated bedroom set with elegant nightstands can make all the difference in creating a peaceful, inviting sleep space. With so many options to choose from though, it can get overwhelming trying to select the right set for your needs and style. That’s why in this comprehensive blog post, we’ll go through everything you need to know – from the top bedroom sets on the market right now to expert tips on choosing nightstands that work for your bedroom.

Whether you want to upgrade your existing furniture or are moving into a new home, read on for the complete guide to choosing the perfect bedroom set and nightstands!


Your bedroom should be your sanctuary – a place to rest, recharge and retreat from the stresses of everyday life. And your bedroom furniture plays a big role in creating that relaxing vibe. The centerpiece is often a coordinated set including a headboard, bed frame, and matching nightstands.

Nightstands in particular are important because they provide storage as well as a place to set down that book you’re reading before bedtime or keep your phone charger within easy reach. Bedroom sets with stylish, well-designed nightstands can elevate the look and function of your space.

But between all the options of materials, sizes, and styles available today, how do you choose what works best for your needs? Get ready to become a bedroom set expert! In this post, we’ll go through:

  • The top 5 bedroom sets with nightstands in 2022
  • What to look for when choosing bedroom furniture and nightstands
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about nightstands

Follow along for tips from interior designers and bedroom furniture specialists. By the end, you’ll be able to shop smart and confidently choose a bedroom set and nightstands you’ll love coming home to.

Top 5 Bedroom Sets with Nightstands

From timeless traditional wood to contemporary marble and metal, bedroom sets today span a wide range of styles. Here are 5 of the bestselling and top rated bedroom sets with coordinated nightstands:

1. Hudson Canopy Bedroom Set with Nightstands by Ashley Furniture

With its curved headboard, turned legs, and brushed nickel hardware, the Hudson canopy bedroom set is elegantly traditional. The padded faux leather upholstery in a soft beige adds to the timeworn charm. It comes with two matching nightstands featuring a creamy marble top and ample storage space with an open shelf and drawer.

Pros: Traditional warmth and craftsmanship. Cons: Limited color options. Ideal For: Anyone who loves an antique inspired look. Price: $$

2. Copper Grove Santos Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Set

Mixing modern lines with reclaimed wood surfaces, this is farmhouse style at its chicest. The Santos set from Copper Grove has a wood slat headboard and distressed bleach white finish. It includes two woven rattan drawer nightstands with metal accents.

Pros: Affordable but still good quality. Farmhouse charm. Cons: Drawers could be slightly smoother. Ideal For: Contemporary rustic style. Price: $

3. Doralince Rustic Chic Bedroom Set by Christopher Knight Home

Make a cottagecore dream with this romantic vintage look bedroom set. The off-white finish has visible wood grain for texture. Carved detailing adorns both the bed frame and two nightstands topped with aged metal lamps.

Pros: Very charming and feminine. Cons: Assembly can be tricky. Ideal For: Shabby chic and French country style. Price: $$

4. Markoni Mid-Century Modern Bedroom Set with Nightstands

For a Mad Men vibe, this mid-century set has flair. The Markoni has an upholstered headboard with button tufting and tapered pecan-finish legs. It includes a pair of tapered leg nightstands with walnut veneer surfaces and roomy drawers.

Pros: Statement retro style. Smart storage design. Cons: Firm cushioning. Ideal For: Modern and eclectic spaces.** Price:** $$$

5. Dune Gray Velvet Upholstered Bedroom Set by Birch Lane

Plush and polished, this velvet upholstered set exudes elegance. The Dune has a stunning curved headboard padded with thick velvet. It comes with two nightstands sporting a silvery finish, polished nickel hardware, and smoked glass tops.

Pros: Luxurious feel. Cons: Dry clean only. Ideal For: Glamorous bedrooms.** Price:** $$$

No matter your taste – traditional, modern, or anything in between – there’s a bedroom set with nightstands to match out there. Next let’s go over what to consider when choosing bedroom furniture.

What to Look for When Choosing a Bedroom Set and Nightstands

From measuring your space to selecting attractive and functional nightstands, keep these tips in mind while shopping for a bedroom set:

Consider the Size of Your Space

Before falling in love with any bedroom set, break out the measuring tape! Know the dimensions of your bedroom to ensure the bed frame, nightstands, and other pieces will fit comfortably. Allow for at least 2 feet of space around the bed for easy access. Small rooms do best with furniture on legs and compact nightstands.

Choose a Style You Love

Your bedroom furniture will set the tone for the whole space. So opt for a style that makes you happy! Do you love traditional details or prefer an unfussy contemporary look? Do you gravitate toward ornate patterns or clean lines? Consider your overall home decor style too.

Look for Quality Materials and Construction

You want your bedroom set to last, so inspect materials and workmanship closely. Solid wood has a nice substantial feel. With metal and upholstered pieces, check that edges and joints are neatly finished. Open and close drawers to verify smooth gliding.

Pick Nightstands with Sufficient Storage

Pretty nightstands are great, but also make sure they have enough space to store your bedside necessities. For most people, that means at least one drawer. Some nightstands also have shelves, cubbies or charging docks for extra functionality.

Mind the Details

The hardware on a bedroom set makes a big impression. And legs radically change the look of furniture. Pay attention to these small but significant details during your search. Nicely finished hardware and legs elevate the set.

Set a Reasonable Budget

Shop with a clear budget in mind. Bedroom furniture costs span a wide range. But focus on value over being the cheapest or most expensive. Quality construction and materials are worth the investment.

Read Reviews From Other Shoppers

Before you buy, read reviews from people who have that bedroom set in their home. This can give insight into Pros: Real performance over time Cons: Any frustrating quirks Ideal For: Who it suits best beyond just appearance.

Extra Tips

  • Choose a set that complements your existing furniture like dressers and wardrobes
  • opt for timeless over trendy so it lasts for years before feeling dated
  • Measure ahead for new mattress too if needed

Follow these guidelines, and you’re sure to succeed in finding the ideal bedroom set with nightstands for your space! Next we’ll dive into some frequently asked questions about nightstands specifically.

FAQs and Answers About Bedroom Nightstands

From how high they should be to what to put in those handy drawers, here are answers to the most common nightstand questions:

What’s the Standard Size for Nightstands?

The typical nightstand size is between 24-28 inches tall and 16-18 inches deep. Width can vary more from as narrow as 12 inches up to 36 inches wide for a set of two wider nightstands flanking a bed. Standard practice is having nightstands the same height as the mattress.

How Can I Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger?

The right bedroom furniture can visually expand a small space. For nightstands, go for slender and light looking models. That means legs instead of a solid base and translucent materials like glass or acrylic versus solid wood. Avoid bulky blocky nightstands that will overwhelm the room.

What Materials Are Best for Nightstands?

Nightstands come in a range of different materials, each with their own Pros: Cons:

  • Wood – Beautifully grained oak is a popular choice, strong and naturally anti-microbial. Cons: Prone to scratches and watermarks.
  • Metal – Sleek metal nightstands suit modern and industrial bedrooms. Stainless steel and powder coated options resist rust. Cons: May show fingerprints.
  • Upholstered – For softness and sound muffling. Cons: Vulnerable to spills and stains.

How Much Storage Space Do I Need in a Nightstand?

It depends on how much you need quick access to while in bed. For most people, one large drawer provides enough room for essentials like books, tablets, chargers, and the odd beverage. Some nightstands add a second stacked drawer or open shelves for extra space to display decorative objects too.

What Style of Nightstand is Most Versatile?

A nightstand with elements of transitional style is a safe bet for versatility. The blending of traditional and contemporary cues allows it to work in many different home aesthetics from modern to traditional spaces.

How Should I Style a Nightstand?

To create an inviting vignette, add elements with height, texture and color. Stacked books, fresh flowers in a vase, and a table lamp are classic nightstand styling. You can also display framed photos, ceramics or other meaningful objects. Just don’t overcrowd the top.

Where Should Nightstands Be Placed?

Ideally, position a nightstand on each side of the bed for symmetry and function. This allows easy access for both people sharing the bed. If space only allows room for one nightstand, place it on the side preferred for reaching over to turn off a bedside lamp.

How Can I Make an Easy DIY Nightstand on a Budget?

Upcycling is a smart way to save money on nightstands. Try options like:

  • Stacked crates or concrete blocks with a plywood top
  • Repurposed flea market dresser or side table
  • Wall mounted shelving kit instead of a traditional standing nightstand

What Are Some Kid-Friendly Nightstand Alternatives?

For a child’s room, traditional nightstands pose some hazards with sharp corners and heavy pieces that can fall over. Some safe alternatives include:

  • Cubbie shelves built into the wall
  • A small ottoman with lift up lid for toy storage
  • Low dresser secured firmly to the wall
  • Floating wall mounted shelving

Conclusion: Choosing Your Bedroom Retreat

After reading this guide, you have all the knowledge you need to shop for a showstopping bedroom set and functional nightstands tailored to your space. Keep in mind your style, room size, ideal materials, and storage needs. And invest in the best quality piece you can afford for long-lasting value and enjoyment.

The right bedroom furniture has the power to refresh your outlook each morning and melt away stress at the end of the day. So take your time finding that perfect bedroom set and nightstands that help transform your bedroom into a relaxing retreat. Sweet dreams!

What did you think of these tips and recommendations? Do you have a favorite bedroom set and nightstands we should add to our list? Share your experiences and advice in the comments below!

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