The 5 Best Built-In Double Wall Ovens for Your Kitchen

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen with a built-in double wall oven? With their spacious capacities and flexible configurations, built-in double ovens allow you to cook multiple dishes at once. But with so many options on the market, it can be tricky to decide which double oven is right for your needs and budget.

In this buyer’s guide, I’ll review the top 5 built-in double wall ovens available today. I’ve compared capacity, features, reliability, and real customer reviews to determine the best picks. Whether you love baking up feasts for family gatherings or need a powerful oven for everyday meals, you’ll find the perfect double oven here.

An Introduction to Built-In Double Ovens

Before diving into the reviews, let’s look at what makes a double wall oven special. Built-in double ovens are designed to be installed into your kitchen cabinetry or wall, providing a seamless look. The ovens sit side-by-side or in a vertical stack, giving you two separate cooking chambers to work with.

This dual oven configuration brings some excellent benefits:

  • More overall capacity – With two ovens, you get far more interior cubic footage to cook large holiday meals. You can roast a turkey in one oven while baking sides or pies in the other.
  • Simultaneous cooking at different temps – Each oven operates independently, so you can bake cupcakes at 350°F in one oven while broiling steak at 500°F in the other.
  • Flexibility – The split ovens provide more versatility. Cook multiple dishes at once or use one oven for everyday meals and the other for big gatherings.
  • Specialized modes – Many built-in double ovens include configurable oven modes like convection cooking and air frying in one or both chambers.
  • Sleek built-in look – Integrated double ovens deliver a clean, modern aesthetic consistent with your kitchen design.

Now let’s look at the top options available and see how they stack up!

The Top 5 Built-In Double Wall Ovens

1. Cafe CHS950P2MS1 Double Oven

The Cafe CHS950P2MS1 double oven earns the top spot for its blend of premium cooking performance and smart home integration. This oven includes two spacious 5 cubic-foot chambers for a total capacity of 10 cubic feet.

Each oven is engineered for precise temperature control and even heat distribution thanks to true convection cooking. The upper oven has nine cooking modes while the lower oven boasts an air fry mode. With this flexibility, you can air fry chicken wings to crispy perfection in one oven while baking cookies in the other.

This double oven really excels when connected to WiFi and used with the Cafe cooking app. You can preheat, select modes, and monitor cooking remotely. The ovens self-diagnose any issues and can alert you via the app.

Beyond smart connectivity and cooking flexibility, reviewers praise this oven’s quick preheat times, easy cleaning, and sleek design. The fingerprint-resistant stainless exterior pairs beautifully with most kitchen aesthetics. Just note that the Cafe double oven sits at the higher end of the price spectrum.

Key Features:

  • Total capacity: 10 cubic ft. (5 cu. ft. per oven)
  • 9 cooking modes (upper oven), 8 modes (lower oven)
  • Built-in WiFi and app control
  • Air fry mode (lower oven)
  • True convection cooking
  • Self-cleaning mode

Dimensions: 29-7/8 in. x 29-3/4 in. x 47-5/8 in.

2. GE Profile PT975SNSS Double Oven

For advanced cooking options at a great value, the GE Profile PT975SNSS double oven is a top choice. The upper oven includes GE’s Hot Air Fanned Assist technology, which uses a rear fan to circulate hot air and ensure fast, even baking. The lower oven boasts convection cooking.

Together, the two ovens give you over 9 cubic feet of total capacity. The self-cleaning modes make maintenance easy. This double oven also comes with a temperature probe, so you can cook meat to perfect doneness.

Besides cooking performance, reviewers are impressed by the PT975SNSS model’s stylish appearance. The sleek stainless exterior, large viewing windows, and blue LED lights give this oven serious aesthetic appeal. At just $3,000, it’s a great value pick.

Key Features:

  • Total capacity: Over 9 cubic ft. (Upper oven – 5.1 cu. ft., lower oven – 4.3 cu. ft.)
  • Hot Air Fanned Assist (upper oven)
  • 8 cooking modes per oven
  • Self-cleaning mode
  • Built-in temperature probe
  • Sabbath mode

Dimensions: 29-3/4 in. x 28-1/2 in. x 47-5/8 in.

3. Bosch Benchmark HBL8662UC Double Oven

The Bosch Benchmark HBL8662UC brings advanced European cooking technologies into your kitchen. This double oven provides a total 8.6 cubic feet of capacity along with top-tier cooking performance.

Bosch’s FlameSelect feature allows you to fine-tune the upper oven’s heat like a gas stove for searing meats or delicate soufflés. The 3D hot air technology circulates heat for incredibly even baking results. You’ll also find built-in air frying, convection modes, and a pizza setting.

Beyond cooking flexibility, we love the Benchmark’s cool touch stainless steel exterior and retractable dial controls that provide a seamless, modern facade. Bosch’s reputation for stellar engineering and reliability makes this a double oven that will serve your family for years. It comes at a premium price point but delivers corresponding performance.

Key Features:

  • Total capacity: 8.6 cubic ft. (Upper oven – 4.6 cu. ft., lower – 4.0 cu. ft.)
  • FlameSelect technology (upper oven)
  • 17 specialized cooking modes
  • Built-in air fry mode
  • 3D hot air convection cooking
  • Pizza oven setting
  • Cool touch design

Dimensions: 27 in. x 29-3/4 in. x 47-3/4 in.

4. KitchenAid KODE500ESS Double Oven

For those seeking a slide-in double oven with classic style, the KitchenAid KODE500ESS is a top contender. Its two 5 cubic foot ovens equipped with Even-Heat True Convection provide consistent baking temperatures and excellent heat circulation.

KitchenAid’s proprietary oven insulation ensures the exteriors stay cool while baking. The smooth glide racks and oven door make accessing and removing food effortless. This model even includes a temperature probe for perfectly cooked roasts.

Reviewers say the KODE500ESS preheats rapidly and cooks food evenly from front to back thanks to the thoughtful oven design. The stainless exterior pairs well with most decors while resisting smudges and fingerprints. At around $3,700, this is a well-made double oven at a compelling price point.

Key Features:

  • Total capacity: 10 cubic ft. (5 cu. ft. per oven)
  • Even-Heat True Convection System
  • Temperature probe
  • Self-cleaning mode
  • Printshield Finish resists smudges
  • Smooth glide oven racks

Dimensions: 29-7/8 in. x 47-5/8 in. x 25-1/4 in.

5. Thermador MED302WS Double Oven

Those seeking restaurant-grade results should consider the Thermador MED302WS double oven. This oven delivers an impressive 10.6 cubic feet of total capacity along with pioneering features.

Each oven has a smart cooking sensor that continually monitors humidity, automatically adjusting settings for tender meats and perfectly risen breads. The upper oven’s Temperature Probe alerts you when your dish is cooked to your desired doneness.

With a profession-style infrared broiler, convection modes, and air frying capabilities, this Thermador oven has all cooking bases covered. It even has a fast self-cleaning cycle completed in under 2 hours.

Reviewers say these smart features make the Thermador MED302WS incredibly easy and intuitive to use. It’s the perfect oven for the serious home chef. The price reflects the professional-caliber performance and innovation this double oven delivers.

Key Features:

  • Total capacity: 10.6 cubic ft. (Upper oven – 4.6 cu. ft., lower oven – 6.0 cu. ft.)
  • Smart cooking sensor monitors humidity
  • Built-in temperature probe
  • Infrared broiler (upper oven)
  • Air frying capabilities
  • Fast 2-hour self-cleaning mode

Dimensions: 27 in. x 29-7/8 in. x 47-3/4 in.

How to Select the Right Built-In Double Oven

With so many great options, how do you determine which built-in double wall oven is right for your kitchen and cooking style? Here are the key factors to consider:

Oven Capacity

Think about your typical meal sizes and baking needs. Are you regularly cooking for large gatherings or just a small family? Ovens range from 6 to 10+ cubic feet of total capacity. Make sure to get enough space for your everyday requirements with room to spare for holidays.

Temperature Precision and Control

Look for ovens with true convection cooking for even heat distribution. Extra features like humidity monitoring or infrared broilers allow precise fine-tuning as you cook. These help prevent burned dishes or undercooked centers.

Number of Racks

More oven racks provide cooking flexibility. Standard is three racks, but four- or five-rack models are even better for large meals. Telescoping, roller, or sliding racks make accessing dishes easier.

Self-Cleaning Options

Many double ovens include self-cleaning modes that use high heat to burn away spatters and splatters. Look for fast cycle times under 3 hours. Steam cleaning is a newer feature available on some ovens. It requires only water for a chemical-free deep clean.

Size and Dimensions

Pay close attention to the cutout size required for installation. Make sure your chosen double oven will actually fit into the intended spot with sufficient clearance. Measure carefully to avoid an installation disaster!

Additional Functions

From convection cooking to air frying, today’s double ovens offer all kinds of special modes. Decide which added functions matter most for your cooking style and menu needs.

Brand Reputation and Reliability

Stick with well-known brands like GE, Thermador, and Bosch that offer at least a one-year product warranty. Check reviews to confirm the oven performs consistently over many years.


Built-in double ovens range from about $2,000 to $10,000 depending on capacity, features, and brand prestige. Make sure to get the most oven for your dollar based on your priorities.

Frequently Asked Questions About Double Ovens

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about built-in double wall ovens:

What are the differences between a single oven and a double oven?

Double ovens have two separate cooking compartments, usually stacked one over the other or side-by-side. This provides more overall capacity and flexibility. With a double oven, you can cook two different dishes at different temperatures simultaneously.

What size built-in double oven do I need?

Consider how many people you cook for on a daily basis and for special events like Thanksgiving. If you regularly cook large meals, a double oven with 9+ cubic feet total capacity is likely best. Smaller households can get by with 6-8 cubic feet.

Is a double oven worth it?

For most home chefs that cook large or complex meals, a double oven is incredibly useful. The extra capacity, multitasking ability, and flexibility justify the higher cost over a single oven. If you primarily just reheat leftovers or cook simple dishes, a double oven may not be necessary.

What special electrical requirements are there?

Double ovens require a dedicated 240-volt circuit. Many kitchens are equipped with this, but you may need an electrician to install it if your kitchen only has a standard 120-volt outlet. Always consult installation specifications.

How much space do I need for installation?

That depends on the specific oven model. In general, you need an opening of at least 28-30 inches wide and 27-29 inches high. Required cutout depth ranges from 23-28 inches. Be sure to measure your cabinetry cutout before purchasing.

What oven configurations are available?

Most double ovens feature a stacked design with one oven above the other. Side-by-side configurations are also available but less common. Stacked ovens have smaller individual capacities but a smaller overall footprint.

How do I clean a built-in oven?

Many feature a self-cleaning mode that uses high heat to incinerate grease and residue. You can also clean by hand with oven cleaners and baking soda. Avoid abrasive scouring pads that may scratch the finish. Be cautious with steam cleaners around electrical components.

What safety precautions should I take?

  • Never leave the oven unattended when self-cleaning
  • Keep flammable items away from hot ovens
  • Have technicians install and service your oven
  • Ensure proper ventilation
  • Use oven mitts and long sleeves when handling hot dishes

The Best Built-In Double Oven for You

I hope this guide has helped you decide which built-in double wall oven suits your cooking needs and kitchen space. Any of the models above will serve you well with ample capacity, cooking modes, and smart features like convection and air frying.

Think about which oven size and configuration fits your space limitations. Factor in must-have functions like self-cleaning. And don’t underestimate the importance of a durable, quality construction that will hold up for years of regular use.

With your new double oven, you’ll gain so much flexibility to cook multiple dishes at once. No more waiting for oven space – just fire up both chambers! In no time, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without a double wall oven.

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