Maximize Your Home Office Corner with the Top 5 L-Shaped Desks

Looking to set up a home office but don’t have an extra bedroom to dedicate? Don’t worry, you can create a stylish and functional workspace even in a small apartment by taking advantage of an often overlooked asset – the corner!

With more people working remotely long-term, demand has grown for space-saving furniture to carve out home offices in any size living space. This is where the ingenious L-shaped corner desk comes in, letting you make full use of wasted corner real estate to gain expansive desk surface.

In this post, we’ll cover the top 5 L-shaped corner desks to fit any style and budget. To help you find the perfect fit, we’ll also outline what to consider when choosing an L-desk – from dimensions to materials to storage options and beyond. Finally, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about these popular corner heroes.

Let’s get started maximizing your home office corner!

Top 5 L-Shaped Corner Computer Desks

Here are our picks for the best L-shaped corner desks to turn any unused corner into a stylish command station:

1. Bush Furniture Cabot L-Shaped Desk

Bush Furniture’s Cabot L-Shaped Desk is a space-saving corner desk designed for smaller home offices and apartments. It comes in at 60″ x 24″ with an Espresso Ash finish on the thermally fused laminate surface.

The main draw of this desk is ample built-in storage space. It features two full-extension file drawers for organization along with four open cubby shelves for storing books, binders, and other accessories. There is also a bottom shelf perfect for stashing away a CPU tower and routing cables.

Despite the budget-friendly price tag (around $250), the materials are high-quality and designed to last. Assembly of the manufactured wood parts takes some time and care but can be managed solo. The contemporary design with rounded edges looks great in any modern decor. It’s also available in a stylish Emerald Ash color option.

Overall, the Bush Furniture Cabot L-Desk is ideal for those needing lots of handy storage space on a budget. It makes a great starter corner desk for a home office or remote learning station. Just be prepared to spend some time assembling all those useful built-ins!

2. Walker Edison Ellis L-Shaped Desk

Prefer a sleek, contemporary vibe for your compact home office? Walker Edison’s Ellis L-Shaped Desk delivers with its minimalist design crafted from tempered safety glass and powder-coated metal.

Measuring just 51” x 29”, the desk is specially proportioned for smaller spaces. And with your choice of black, white, or brown finish, it seamlessly matches any modern decor. The tempered glass surface beautifully resists scratches and stains.

Since this is a floating style design, don’t expect a lot of built-in storage space. But the open air base does make cleaning a breeze – no dust catching crevices here! Just take care to avoid fingerprints on the glass top. Also, the slick surface may not be ideal for tasks requiring more traction.

Given the dimensions and lack of storage, Walker Edison’s glass Ellis L-Desk is best suited for studio apartments, condos, or other small contemporary offices where style trumps storage space. The reasonable price (around $180) makes this sleek corner space-saver easy to afford.

3. Tribesigns L-Shaped Desk

For a more rustic, industrial vibe, consider Tribesigns L-Shaped Desk with its wood surface and black metal frame.

This L-desk provides a generous 63″ x 47″ of workspace across its surface and modular hutch with shelving. The desk itself features a pull-out drawer and keyboard tray giving you built-in storage options often lacking in minimalist designs.

Many reviewers praise the sturdy construction of this desk with its heavy-duty steel legs and thick medium density fiberboard (MDF) wood top. The materials resist chips and scratches better than competing laminate desks. Just keep in mind, the matching hutch limits your monitor size somewhat.

Overall, if you dig the raw industrial look and need abundant workspace plus storage, this rugged Tribesigns L-Shaped Desk gets the job done. Expect to invest around $300 for this high-quality corner workhorse.

4. Mr. Ironstone L-Shaped Desk

For classic simple lines and lots of storage flexibility, Mr. Ironstone’s L-Shaped Desk fits the bill.

This smart budget-friendly desk provides an expansive 63” x 47” workspace of engineered wood with sturdy steel leg supports. Its stout 1.57” thickness withstands heavy use and bundled wire routing.

Storage abounds with two wide drawers flanking the leg well, plus an optional six-cube organizer hutch. The hutch and matching bookshelves let you stack storage high to maximize corner space. Mr. Ironstone also includes a dedicated bottom shelf for hiding away computer towers and cables.

Reviewers praise this desk’s easy assembly with clear instructions and pre-attached drawer slides. The laminated melamine resin surface resists scratches and stains while rounded polished edges prevent bruising accidents. Choose from stylish black or white finish options.

With abundant storage possibilities and smoothered edges all around, the Mr. Ironstone L-Shaped Desk makes an economical (around $160) yet durable home office addition well suited for casual use.

5. FITUEYES Clear Computer Desk

For the ultimate modern showpiece, this clear acrylic L-desk from FITUEYES makes a seriously stylish statement.

True to its name, this corner desk is completely transparent with 8mm thick tempered glass tabletops resting on clear acrylic sides and shelves. The super-minimalist floating design seems to disappear in your room – when not covered in your workspace clutter!

Measuring 55.1″ x 27.6″, the desktop angles sharply in the corner to accommodate right- or left-facing placements. Cable cutouts in the back panel keep wires and cords controlled.

While cool and contemporary, keep practicality in mind with this desk. Fingerprints and dust will show clearly through the acrylic body. Ambient glare could also be problematic. And you’ll have to look elsewhere for storage options.

But if you love the aesthetic of transparent furniture, uniquely modern styling, and floating visual appeal, then invest in your dream desk with the FITUEYES clear corner computer desk (around $250).

How to Choose the Right L-Shaped Corner Desk

Now that you’ve got the lay of the L-desk land, let’s review key factors to consider while shopping:

Check Space Limitations and Dimensions

First up, assess the corner space where you plans to place the desk. Make sure to measure the full span and depth available. Leave adequate clearance for comfortable chair movement and leg room – about 2-3 feet is ideal.

Don’t forget to measure diagonally corner-to-corner as well. This ensures proper fit of the angled desk shape.

If space is exceedingly tight, consider compact desks no larger than 50” to 60” on the long side. They’ll fit into cramped apartment corners and small rooms. Allow ample breathing room around the work zone.

Storage Needs Determine Built-Ins

Next, decide how much built-in storage you need by taking inventory of what you’ll store. This determines whether to get a minimalist open design or one with ample drawers, shelves, and cubbies.

Are you an organizing zealot who needs places for every pen and Post-it? Or will you mostly use digital files and declutter work materials? Cater the desktop design to your organizational style.

Maxed out on space? Look for a hutch add-on or tower shelf unit that extends storage vertically without claiming more precious square footage. Or pick desk-attached file cabinets for buried storage.

Mind the Surface Area

Now calculate your ideal workspace acreage. The standard 60” – 70” L-shaped desk provides abundant surface for multiple monitors, devices, papers, accessories, etc. Desktop risers add a second tier for even more space.

If you just park a laptop and occasionally handwrite notes, a smaller surface around 50” will work fine. But allow room to spread out for big projects or creative tasks. No one likes a cluttered workspace!

Desk Depth Impacts Leg Clearance

Standard desk depths in the ballpark of 24” allow ample legroom clearance for most seated users. If trying to squeeze into a narrow space, look for depths around 20” to 22”.

Shallower desks can save precious space but limit how close you can sit. Make sure to test clearance with your office chair fully pulled in. No one enjoys bruised knees!

Material Impacts Style, Durability and Maintenance

L-shaped corner desks come in a range of surface materials – each with pros and cons:

  • Wood: Classic material provides warm, natural look in finishes like oak or walnut. Requires more cleaning but resists scratches better than laminate. Avoid direct sunlight exposure to prevent fading.
  • Laminate: Most affordable, durable option for desk surfaces. Resists general wear-and-tear but prone to chipping on edges if not capped. Easy to clean. Most commonly particleboard covered with melamine resin.
  • Glass: Adds gorgeous modern style as a glossy transparent surface. Tempered safety glass prevents dangerous shattering. Extra scratch-resistant but shows fingerprints readily.
  • Acrylic: Even more contemporary than glass with colorful transparent options. Same durability but also fingerprints easily. Heat and direct light can damage over time.

Complement Room Decor with Style

Make sure your new L-desk complements existing room decor style. Are you filling a rustic cabin-style office? Or does Scandinavian minimalism surround you?

Play with color, materials, shapes and hardware to find a desk that brings your overall design together. The space should reflect your personality while inspiring productivity.

Keep future changes in mind too. A natural wood desk has timeless appeal should you move or redecorate. Trendy transparent acrylic makes more of a bold style statement.

Accommodate Computer Equipment

Carefully measure computer towers, monitors, laptops, and other electronics to be sure your prospective L-desk provides a good fit.

Some designs incorporate CPU holders, keyboard trays, and monitor risers for built-in tech organization. This reduces accessorizing needs.

If lacking integrated features, you can always buy separate specialized stands, arms, and mounts later. Just ensure the desktop depth and thickness accommodates clamp on additions.

And don’t forget about cable management! Keeping cords and wires in check makes for a tidier-looking workspace. Built-in wire grommets simplify routing your home office’s nervous system.

Assembly Time Varies Greatly

Many corner desks ship flat-packed for buyer assembly which saves drastically on shipping expenses. Just know your skill level and tool access before purchasing.

Aim for quick, one-person assembly with interlocking parts and minimal hardware. Allen wrenches, screwdrivers, and possibly a mallet for pounding dowels are common needs.

If lacking DIY confidence, seek desks touting quick 15 – 30 minute assembly times. Or look for retailer assembly services to handle the construction labor.

Set a Realistic Budget

Corner desks span a wide range of budgets from frugal to lavish. Establish realistic expectations before falling in love with a dream desk outside your means.

Budget-friendly options under $150 use more affordable wood composites and laminates. Expect to spend $150 to $300 for most quality L-desks with decent components and finishes.

Higher-end designer desks made of premium materials like solid hardwoods or Italian glass can run over $1,000! Know what you can reasonably spend.

Read Reviews Closely

Product reviews provide valuable insights from real buyers’ experience with any desk on your list. Read them thoroughly before deciding.

Look beyond gushing 5-star write-ups to the nuanced experiences described. Search reviews for consistent praise or red flags about quality, size, ease of assembly, and other considerations important to you.

If reviews commonly cite damage in shipping, missing pieces, difficult instructions, or flimsy materials, consider that a warning sign to look elsewhere. Vet options thoroughly before purchase.

Compare Warranty Protection

Most corner desks come with limited manufacturer warranties covering defects and damage for a year or less. Others offer none.

For extra peace of mind, check furniture retailer warranties on top of the maker’s coverage. Extended protection plans through retailers like Wayfair provide several years of warranty coverage.

Understand what damage, flaws, missing parts etc. fall under warranty should anything go wrong. And know who handles repairs/replacements – retailer or manufacturer.

Understand Return Policy Fine Print

Before clicking buy, read return policy details closely so you can send back a defective, damaged, or simply ill-fitting desk without hassle.

Many retailers offer 30 days return window – ample time to assemble and inspect for any imperfections covered under warranty.

Be aware some charge return shipping or restocking fees. And improper disassembly or damage may rule out returns. So review policies carefully at the outset before making a commitment.

L-Shaped Corner Desk FAQs

Q: Are L-shaped desks good for small spaces?

A: Yes, L-shaped corner desks maximize workspace while minimizing footprint since they utilize unused corners. Great for small home offices.

Q: What size L-shaped desk do I need?

A: Consider how much surface area you need for tasks and accessories. Standard sizes are around 60-70″ for long side and 20-30” for short side. Go bigger or smaller based on space.

Q: How much space do I need for an L-shaped desk?

A: Allow at least 2-3 feet clearance on all open sides for comfortable leg room and chair movement. Measure room corners to ensure desk fits.

Q: What is the best material for an L-shaped computer desk?

A: Wood and laminates like particleboard are affordable, durable, and decor friendly. Glass desks add modern appeal. Go with user-friendly surface material suited for your workspace.

Q: Should I get a desk with hutch or shelves?

A: If needing abundant storage space, yes. Hutches and shelves add function. Floating minimalist styles take up less room. Depends on your storage needs.

Q: Is it hard to assemble an L-shaped desk?

A: Most feature easy assembly with simple tools like screwdrivers and Allen wrenches. Look for quick one-person assembly claims. If not handy, hire furniture assemblers.

Q: Can an L-shaped desk be placed in the middle of a room?

A: While designed for corners, some L-shape desks can work freestanding. Ensure the sides are supported and don’t extend too far without leg support.

Q: How can I customize or upgrade my L-shaped desk?

A: Add accessories like storage cabinets, monitor arms, desktop risers, cable management items, lighting, etc. Or paint/stain to match your decor.


We hope this detailed guide helps you discover the perfect L-shaped corner desk to unleash your home office potential even in the tightest spaces.

Take stock of your needs for workspace, storage, style and budget. And be sure to measure twice so your new desk fits like a glove.

With the right L-shaped desk selection, you can create a command station that’s both functional for work and stylish for life. Now clear that corner and get ready to set up the workspace of your dreams!

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