Illuminate Your Life: A Guide to Choosing the Best LED Strip Lights with Remote Control

The world of interior lighting has been utterly transformed by the rise of LED strip lights. These incredibly versatile linear lights use cutting-edge LED technology to bathe any space in beautiful, energy-efficient illumination.

Unlike bulky traditional lighting fixtures, LED strip lights are thin, flexible ribbons of light that can be installed virtually anywhere. They provide accent lighting, task lighting, or primary general lighting for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Now here’s where it gets really fun – many LED strip light kits come with a handy remote control for changing colors, adjusting brightness, creating dynamic lighting effects and more. No longer do you need to get up and flip a light switch on the wall!

With advanced LED strip lights that can display any color, along with included remotes to control them, you hold the power to instantly change the look, feel and ambiance of a room – all from the comfort of your couch!

But with so many LED strip light kit options on the market, how do you choose the perfect lights for your unique needs and decor? Don’t worry, in this comprehensive guide we’ll walk through everything you need to know about buying the best LED strip lights with remote control.

We’ll cover:

  • Our top 5 LED strip light with remote picks
  • Key features and terminology
  • Installation and usage tips
  • Frequently asked questions

By the end, you’ll be fully prepared to shop for and install amazing LED strip lighting that will bring your home decor visions to life. So plug-in, switch on, and let’s get started lighting up your world!

Top 5 LED Strip Lights with Remote Control

I’ve scoured the markets and tested numerous LED strip light kits to come up with this list of my top 5 recommendations – along with an overview of their stand-out features. Any of these would be a stellar choice. Let’s look at the contenders!

1. Govee WiFi LED Strip Lights

Govee took the crown for best overall LED strip lighting. This smart LED model can display a dazzling array of colors and effects. Measuring 32.8 feet, these lights can illuminate large areas.

Key features:

  • Works with Alexa & Google Home for voice control
  • Control via Govee app on your phone
  • 64 scene modes & music sync
  • 16 million color options
  • Brightness up to 2200 lumens
  • Flexible strip can be cut & reconnected

This light strip has it all – incredible customization via app and voice control, bright vivid lighting, and convenient WiFi connectivity. Install was a breeze with the included adhesive. With its stellar features and affordable price point, this Govee LED strip light kit stands out as a top choice.

2. Omoreic Waterproof LED Strip Lights

If you need bright, waterproof lighting for indoors or outdoors, this Omoreic LED strip is an excellent option. At 32.8 feet in length, you can illuminate front porches, gazebos, kitchens, and more.

Key features:

  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • RGB and warm white options
  • 44-key wireless remote
  • Works in -4°F to 122°F climates
  • 16 million colors
  • Flexible strip for curved installations
  • Cuts every 3 LEDs

With its heavy-duty waterproof design, this strip light works in the toughest conditions while still being easy to install almost anywhere. Change colors and brightness with the included remote from up to 30 feet away.

3. Lighting Ever Flex LED Strip Lights

Boasting brilliant customization abilities, these Lighting Ever LED strip lights offer amazing bang for your buck. Choose from tons of colors and effects to create perfect mood lighting for any activity.

Key features:

  • RGB lighting with 44-key remote
  • 32.8 foot flexible strip
  • Cuts every 3 LEDs
  • 14 lighting modes & 4 brightness levels
  • Adhesive tape & connector cables included
  • 1-year warranty

For affordable, bright, and customizable lighting, this LED strip kit has everything you need. Use the remote to adjust colors, brightness, and special effects like strobe or smooth fade.

4. HitLights LED Strip Lights

Don’t let the shorter 16.4 foot length fool you – this HitLights LED strip packs a big punch in compact form. Ideal for small projects like cabinets and closets, these lights shine bright with awesome customizability.

Key features:

  • RGB LEDs with 40-key remote
  • 16.4 foot length great for small areas
  • Adhesive backing for easy install
  • Connector cables and power adapter included
  • App control available
  • Waterproof silicone on strip ends

This LED strip light kit keeps installation and operation straightforward. Just stick them up, power them on, and use the included remote to surf through tons of vibrant colors and lighting effects.

5. LE Power LED Strip Lights

If you want a lot of bright lighting on a budget, this LED strip kit from LE Power is tough to beat. You get quality construction, 16.4 feet of illumination, and a handy wireless remote all for a very affordable price.

Key features:

  • RGB LEDs with RF remote
  • 300 LEDs at peak 5050 density
  • 16.4 foot strip length
  • Adhesive backing
  • 24-key multi-function remote
  • Cuts every 3 LEDs

While not as advanced as pricier models, this budget-friendly LED strip provides solid performance and customization. The remote makes it easy to alter colors for festive lighting. For basic but good LED strip lighting, LE Power delivers.

Key Considerations for LED Strip Lights with Remote Control

Now that you know some top LED strip light options, let’s go over the key factors to weigh when making your choice:

Where will you install them?

First, think about where you want to install LED strip lights. Popular placements:

  • Under cabinets in kitchens, bars, craft rooms
  • Bookshelves or display cabinets to highlight items
  • Cove lighting concealed along crown molding or where walls meet ceilings
  • Accent walls to add a colorful glow behind TVs or artwork
  • Outdoor patios, gazebos, walkways and landscaping

Consider lighting needs for each area. Task lighting may require more brightness.

What color and brightness?

  • RGB strips displaying multiple colors tend to be brighter than single color options.
  • For traditional white lighting, look for high lumens, CRI (color rendering index) and LED density.
  • Brightness is measured in lumens – more is better for general lighting.
  • CRI above 80 provides natural, true-to-life coloring.

So for example, a bright white strip for a kitchen may be 3000 lumens, 5000K color temperature, and 90+ CRI.

Do you need smart features?

Many LED strip lights now offer smart connectivity for advanced control:

  • WiFi-enabled lights work with phone apps for programming, timers, music sync, etc.
  • Voice-activated strips connect to smart speakers with Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.
  • Bluetooth enabled strips can sync to your music and videos wirelessly.

So decide if you want simple remote operation or advanced smart controls.

What length and shape?

  • Measure the area you want to install lights to determine length needed.
  • Flexible LED strips work great for curved bars, staircases, textured walls.
  • Rigid straight strips illuminate flat spaces like shelves and cabinets.
  • For larger areas, multiple strips can connect together with connector cables.

Buy LED strip lighting to fit your exact space and look.

Is waterproofing required?

If installing outdoors or in bathrooms/kitchens, seek out waterproof LED strips (IP65 rated or higher). Indoor strips don’t need waterproofing.

How permanent of an install?

  • Adhesive tape backing offers easy peel-and-stick installation. Great for rentals, temporary projects.
  • For a more permanent solution, use mounting clips or channels to firmly secure strips.

So in summary, decide on your ideal LED strip length, brightness, color modes, flexibility, waterproofing, and installation method. This will point you towards the perfect lighting kit for the space!

Installation Tips for LED Strip Lights with Remote Control

Once you’ve purchased new LED strip lighting, it’s time for the fun part – installing them! Here are some tips:

Carefully measure and map out your lighting plan

  • Use a tape measure to gauge the length you need and desired placement.
  • Map out where the strip will be installed along with the locations of the power supply and any connectors.
  • Sketch out your design plan so you can replicate it during installation.

Ensure the installation surface is clean and dry

  • LED strip adhesive tape works best on smooth, clean, dry surfaces.
  • Clean the area with rubbing alcohol and let dry fully before applying strips.
  • For textured surfaces, use mounting clips or channels to firmly adhere lights.

Connect multiple strips properly for adequate power

  • Use connector cables between individual strips to extend length.
  • Position the power supply at the end farthest from your starting light point to avoid voltage drop.
  • Refer to product specs – most strips can safely connect 2-3 times their length.

Cut strips at designated points for custom fits

  • LED strip lighting is made to cut at intervals marked by copper dots or scissor symbols.
  • Measure and mark your cut line, then carefully trim strip to desired length using sharp shears.
  • Minimize waste by cutting strips to exact lengths needed.
  • Remember to re-seal any exposed copper after cutting by covering with silicone or electrical tape.

With attention to detail during preparation and installation, your LED strip lighting project will shine!

Get the Most Out of Your LED Strip Lights with Remote Control

You’ve installed your new LED strip kit – nice work! Now it’s time to fully utilize these amazing lights and customize them to your space.

Group lights into zones for easier remote control

  • Set up separate zones like kitchen undercabinets, top cabinets, living room, etc.
  • Control each zone independently or simultaneously for coordinated lighting.

Mix strip light colors to create custom palettes

  • Combine solid color strips red + blue = purple, yellow + green = natural green
  • Alternate RGB segments to blend color tones
  • Layer strips for new shades like blue over cool white.

Use lighting effects to match activities and ambiance

  • Bright, cool white or “daylight” for tasks like cooking, grooming, or workstations
  • Warmer white light sets a relaxing mood for evenings
  • Dynamic effects like “fade” or “flash” for parties and accent lighting

Set schedules to automatically turn lights on and off

  • Use app features or voice controls to create home automation rules
  • Schedule to wake up to light, sunset lighting at night, etc.

By playing around with colors zones, special effects, and schedules you can craft unique lighting profiles perfect for any activity or mood.

Follow electrical and installation codes

  • Use included power adapters and certified electrical components.
  • Don’t overload outlets – avoid plugging multiple high wattage accessories into a single outlet.
  • Call an electrician if connecting hardwired strips to household wiring.
  • Use outdoor rated strips and waterproof connections on exterior installations.

Exercising caution and following electrical codes will keep your new lights running safely for years.

LED Strip Lighting FAQs

If you’re still unsure about aspects of LED strip lights with remote control, this FAQ covers some common questions:

What’s the difference between RGB, single color, and tunable white strip lights?

RGB strips contain red, green, and blue diodes that blend to create a full spectrum of colors. Single color LED strips emit one static color. Tunable white LEDs allow you to adjust from warm white to daylight white.

How difficult is it to install LED strip lights?

Installing strip lights is quite easy, especially with adhesive backing. Just ensure the surface is smooth, clean, and dry beforehand. Allow a bit more time for permanent installation using clips or channels.

What voltage and power supply do LED strips need?

Most quality LED strips run on 12V DC. Always check the product specs for the required voltage and power supply wattage to match your strip size.

How do I cut LED strips?

LED strip lighting has cut points marked with copper dots or scissor symbols. Carefully trim strips at these points using sharp shears. Re-seal any exposed copper after cutting.

What is the maximum run for a single LED strip?

One LED strip typically illuminates about 16 feet adequately before voltage drop. Connector cables allow combining multiple 16 feet strips to extend the run. Limit total connected run to 2-3 times the included strip length.

How do I control LED strips – remote, app, voice?

Remotes are the basic included control, allowing you to change colors, modes, brightness, etc from a distance. Apps connect advanced WiFi-enabled strips, adding scheduling, music sync, etc. Voice control works with smart speakers to control compatible LED strips.

Can LED light strips be used outdoors?

Yes, look for waterproof LED strips with an IP65 rating or higher for wet outdoor use. Avoid total submersion.

How long do LED strip lights last?

Quality LED strips last 30,000 – 50,000 hours of use. Lower grade strips may burn out quicker. High CRI, dense LED diodes, and avoiding excessive heat prolong strip lifetime.

What if some LEDs stop working on the strip?

Some individual diode failure over time is normal. If many start going out, remove the segment and reconnect strip ends using a connector cable. Most quality strips have long warranties against excessive dropouts.

Let There Be Light!

We’ve covered everything from selecting top LED strip lights, key features, installation, usage tips, and common questions.

The bottom line is that LED strip lighting with remote control offers an amazing way to easily customize any space. With programmable RGB colors, tunable white, and smart controls – you have the power to set the perfect ambiance for any activity or mood.

Now that you know how to choose the best LED strips for your unique needs, you can bask any indoor or outdoor area in beautiful, efficient illumination. No longer do you need to settle for boring overhead fixtures and lamps.

Just apply these LED strip lighting tips, tap into your creativity, and transform your home decor. So go forth and let there be light – amazing, color-customizable, energy-efficient LED light!

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