Getting Your Beauty Rest: A Guide to Choosing the Best Blackout Curtains for Your Bedroom

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for both physical and mental health. But sometimes, despite your best efforts, you just can’t seem to get the quality shut-eye you need. One potential culprit? Light and noise pollution seeping into your sleep sanctuary.

Investing in some high-quality blackout curtains for your bedroom can work wonders to transform it into a tranquil oasis ideal for restful slumber. blackout curtains completely block outside light to create darker sleeping conditions. They also muffle sounds and help insulate your windows.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss all the factors to consider when shopping for blackout curtains. You’ll learn expert tips for choosing the right fabrics, sizes, and styles to meet your needs. We’ll also recommend our top picks to help you select the best blackout curtains for your bedroom.

So say goodbye to restless nights and pesky early morning sunlight! With the right blackout curtains, you’ll be catching those blissful Zzzs in no time. Keep reading to start sleeping better than ever.

Why Choose Blackout Curtains for Your Bedroom?

Before we dive into the nitty gritty details, let’s review the main benefits of using blackout curtains in your sleeping space:

  • Improved sleep quality: By completely blocking outside light, blackout curtains create an optimal dark environment for better sleep. This allows your body to produce more melatonin and sleep more soundly.
  • Daytime sleep aid: For those who work night shifts or need to sleep during daylight hours, blackout curtains are a must for blocking daylight and getting restful sleep.
  • Noise reduction: Blackout curtain fabrics and backings help to buffer sounds from outside and absorb noise within a room. This damping effect creates a quieter space for uninterrupted sleep.
  • Insulation: Blackout curtains provide an extra barrier over windows that traps heat in winter and keeps rooms cooler in summer. This can reduce energy costs.
  • Visual appeal: Available in a variety of colors, patterns and textures, blackout curtains can complement your bedroom’s decor and create a more stylish, put-together look.

Clearly, blackout curtains offer a variety of perks beyond just light blocking. Keeping these benefits in mind will help you choose the best blackout curtains to transform your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary.

How to Choose the Best Blackout Curtains for Your Bedroom

Picking out the perfect blackout curtains for your bedroom depends on several factors. Here are the key considerations to keep in mind while shopping:

Consider the Size of Your Windows

  • Carefully measure each window width and height that you’ll be installing curtains over. Account for any protruding window frames or sills in your measurements.
  • Add a few extra inches on each side to provide full coverage when curtains are closed. Standard allowance is 2-3 inches past the window frame.
  • Factor in any additional hardware when measuring – this includes curtain rods, finials or holdbacks. Make sure your curtains will clear any obstructions.
  • Custom-made curtains or making your own allows for an exact fit. But there are many standard sizes available to fit most windows.

Accurate measurements ensure your blackout curtains will fit perfectly. This eliminates gaps that let in light and noise.

Determine the Level of Light Blocking Needed

  • Bedrooms should generally have complete blackout abilities for ideal sleeping conditions.
  • To fully block light, look for thick, tightly woven fabrics often backed with rubber, foam or vinyl. Multiple layered curtains provide maximum light blockage.
  • If you want some daylight to filter in, choose lighter fabrics in looser weaves like linen or lace. These offer privacy without full blackout.
  • Blackout levels are rated by opacity percentage – the higher the better for bedrooms.

Choose a blackout rating of at least 95% opacity for adequate light blocking abilities.

Decide on Curtain Length

  • Blackout curtains should be hung as close to the floor or window sill as possible for best coverage.
  • Measure from the top of your curtain rod to the floor or sill to determine optimal curtain length.
  • For floor-length windows, cutting curtains 1/2 to 1 inch below the sill prevents puddling.
  • Longer curtains 96-108 inches work for most windows. Custom lengths let you fine tune.

The lower blackout curtains hang, the more effectively they block light gaps.

Choose a Hanging Method

  • Rod pockets: Slide directly onto a curtain rod for easy install. Offer minimal light leakage but aren’t adjustable.
  • Grommets: Ring holes slide onto rods. Allow light leakage at top but have modern, clean look.
  • Back tabs: Fabric ties fasten onto rod from behind. Great for sliding doors or sidelight windows.
  • Tab tops: External cloth ties hang from rod hooks. Fully adjustable for maximum coverage.

Rod pocket curtains provide the most light blocking, while grommets and back tabs offer more decorative options.

Select Fabric Type

  • Polyester: Affordable option; insulates well and is wrinkle/fade resistant. Machine washable.
  • Cotton: Natural fiber breathes well and softens with use. Shows wrinkles.
  • Linen: Casual texture; lightweight and breathable. Wrinkles easily.
  • Velvet: Elegant, decorative texture. Can be warm but insulates and blocks light well.
  • Satin: Subtle sheen, soft and smooth. Stains easily so requires dry cleaning.

For bedrooms, look for fabrics like polyester or cotton that effectively block light but are easy to care for.

Consider Insulation Needs


Blackout curtains offer thermal insulation to keep heat in during cold weather and block sun in warm months. Look for:

    • Thick, closely woven fabrics
    • Plastic, rubber or foam backing
    • Thermal or fiberglass linings
    • Layered panels

For maximum insulation, ensure curtains are hung close to window with minimal gaps at sides, top or bottom.


Choose lined curtains with thermal backings to save on energy costs from improved insulation.

Factor in Ease of Care

  • Many blackout fabrics like polyester and cotton can be machine washed and tumble dried at home. Check labels to confirm care instructions.
  • Dry clean only fabrics like satin, silk and velvet add elegance but are high maintenance and more expensive.
  • Wrinkle-resistant fabrics help curtains maintain their look with minimal ironing required.

Opt for machine washable blackout curtains to keep them fresh and working effectively with regular cleaning cycles.

Decide on Color/Pattern

  • Match blackout curtains to your existing decor scheme – bold hues or patterns for accent walls, neutral solids for versatile base.
  • Add visual interest with curtains patterned in lively florals or geometrics contrasting the wall color.
  • Soft toned solids in gray, beige or light blue suit more minimalist, relaxed bedrooms.

Choose curtain colors and patterns that complement your bedroom’s overall aesthetic and design style.

Set a Budget


Shop with a spending limit in mind. Prices typically range from:

    • Budget: $20-$50
    • Mid-range: $50-$150
    • High-end: $150+

Custom-made curtains cost more. Account for alterations or making your own if opting for cheaper ready-made versions.


Quality blackout curtains start around $75+ for standard fabric types in standard sizes.

Now that you know what to look for in blackout curtains, let’s explore some of the top-rated options I recommend for your bedroom.

Top 5 Blackout Curtain Picks for Your Bedroom

Best Blackout Ability: Naturally Newport Blackout Curtains

If you’re seeking complete darkness, Naturally Newport Blackout Curtains are the way to go. Made from tightly woven 100% polyester, these curtains feature a thick vinyl backing that blocks 100% of outside light.

The rich, room-darkening fabrics come in 30 colors to match any decor. And at 108 inches long, the Newport curtains offer full floor-to-ceiling coverage on standard height windows.

With grommets across the top, these blackout curtains provide a modern, streamlined look. They’re also energy efficient, reducing temperature fluctuations thanks to the insulating backing.

The Newport’s durable polyester stands up well to washing without losing shape or darkness. And the affordable price makes them a budget-friendly pick for bedrooms needing serious light blocking abilities.

Key Features:

  • Opaque, light blocking polyester fabric
  • Complete blackout vinyl backing
  • Floor-length 108 inch panels
  • Variety of colors; machine washable
  • Energy efficient insulation
  • Affordable price point under $50

The Naturally Newport curtains are your best bet for completely darkening a bedroom on a budget. Their blackout abilities and simple style make them the ideal choice for kids rooms, media rooms, or guest bedrooms.

Best Blackout Curtains for Insulation: Eclipse Aberdeen Thermal Insulated Curtains

To keep your bedroom cozy in winter and cool during summer heat, choose Eclipse Aberdeen Thermal Insulated Curtains. These energy-efficient curtains feature foam insulation between soft cotton front panels and polyester lining.

This traps heat in cold weather and prevents solar heating in warm conditions. It helps lower energy bills from reduced HVAC running times.

The Aberdeen’s have a billowy rod pocket design that creates an elegant draped look. Choose from 16 rich hues like ruby, navy and ochre to complement your decor.

At 96 inches long, the Aberdeen’s won’t work for taller windows. But their thermal insulating abilities make these curtains an ideal energy-saving upgrade.

Key Features:

  • Soft cotton fabric with polyester lining
  • Foam insulation layer
  • Provides thermal insulation
  • Classic rod pocket heading, available in range of colors
  • Energy efficient for heating and cooling savings

For superior insulation and noise muffling in one stylish package, the Aberdeen Thermal Insulated blackout curtains can’t be beat. Their beautiful look and energy-saving capabilities make them worth the $100+ investment.

Best Light-Filtering Curtains: Natural Elements Linen Curtain Panels

Those desiring bedroom privacy without full blackout abilities should consider the Natural Elements Linen Curtains. These 100% European linen panels diffusely filter in natural light.

The lightweight, gauze-woven linen allows outside brightness in while obscuring views and details. This maintains visual privacy for dressing and sleeping.

With tailored side hems and back curtain tabs, the Linen Curtains boast clean lines and casual elegance. They come in 12 natural linen hues like flax and ivory to deliver an airy, relaxed vibe.

While not totally opaque, the Linen Curtain’s gentle light filtering makes them ideal for daytime sleeping when total darkness is not a must. Their high-end linen construction comes at luxury price point, starting around $200.

Key Features:

  • 100% natural linen fabric in gauze weave
  • Allows air flow while diffusing incoming light
  • Provides daytime privacy without full blackout
  • 12 colors; premium construction and materials
  • Back tab hanging; no grommets or rod pockets

To gently filter light and enhance natural ambiance in the bedroom, Natural Elements Linen Curtains are a luminous choice. Their breezy linen and upscale details make these curtains a sensational splurge.

Most Elegant – Viceroy Versailles Velvet Blackout Curtains

When only the finest will do, choose Viceroy Versailles Blackout Curtains to lend lavish elegance to your bedroom. These curtains combine gorgeous velvet fabric with superior blackout technology.

The plush velvet has a liquid-like drape that stacks luxuriously on the floor. With its noise-reducing backing and thick foam insulation, Versailles curtains block light and sound for blissful sleep.

Choose from 15 jewel-toned velvet hues like ruby, sapphire and emerald to create a glamorous space. And with widths up to 144 inches, Versailles panels can accommodate even grandly-sized windows.

These first-class blackout curtains are custom-made in the USA from top-tier materials. Their exquisite construction comes at luxury cost – be prepared to splurge $400+ to enjoy their sensational style and function.

Key Features:

  • Beautifully thick velvet fabric
  • Luxurious selection of rich colors
  • Noise reducing and thermal insulating backing
  • Custom-made to perfectly fit windows up to 144 inches wide
  • High end details and construction

The Viceroy Versailles rivals 5-star hotel suites with its lavish elegance. For those seeking to make a dramatic upscale statement, these ultra-luxury blackout curtains are a dream come true.

Best Budget Blackout Curtains: Utopia Bedding Blackout Curtains

You don’t have to sacrifice quality to save money with Utopia Bedding Blackout Curtains. These wallet-friendly curtains provide decent blackout abilities at a fraction of the cost of premium brands.

The polyester-cotton blend fabric and white rubber foam backing filter light and reduce noise. While not 100% blackout, the Utopia curtains sufficiently darken rooms for uninterrupted sleep.

With a classic rod pocket design, the Utopia Blackout Curtains come in all sizes and work for any bedroom. While prone to wrinkling, their casual texture suits casual bedrooms, kids rooms and dorms.

As an added bonus, Utopia Bedding Blackout Curtains are washer and dryer safe. And at under $25 for standard window sizes, they deliver decent bang for your buck.

Key Features:

  • Polyester/cotton blend fabric
  • Classic rod pocket heading
  • Available in range of sizes to fit standard windows
  • Washable without losing shape
  • Budget-friendly price point under $25

For an affordable blackout solution without sacrificing style or function, choose Utopia Bedding Curtains. With their easy-to-use design and low cost, they make great kids or guest room curtains.

Now that you’ve got the scoop on some top-rated options, it’s time to put your new blackout curtain knowledge into practice. Keep reading for more tips on successfully installing and using your bedroom blackout curtains.

Tips for Hanging Blackout Curtains

Once you’ve selected the perfect blackout curtains, proper hanging is key to maximizing their light blocking abilities. Follow these tips:

  • Mount curtain rods securely using heavy-duty anchors. Position above the window frame so curtains sit as close to the ceiling as possible.
  • Extend rods at least 2-3 inches wider than the window frame on each side. This prevents light seepage between curtains and window edges.
  • Blackout curtains are heavy, so use metal rods with a diameter of at least 1 inch to support the weight. Wall-mounting is more secure than ceiling.
  • Hang curtain panels overlapping in the middle for complete light blockage across the center seam.
  • Use clip rings or velcro tabs if side hems don’t meet in the middle to close gaps at edges.

Proper width and security of the curtain rod ensures your blackout curtains hang correctly for maximum light blocking.

Caring for and Using Blackout Curtains

To keep your blackout curtains looking and functioning their best:

  • Vacuum gently with a soft brush attachment to remove dust and debris.
  • Spot treat stains immediately to prevent setting in. Refer to label for proper washing method.
  • Wash every 1-2 months to refresh curtains and prevent buildup of odors, oils and grime.
  • Pull curtains tightly closed across the rod for complete overlap in the middle.
  • Layer in lighter decorative curtains if desired, placing blackouts directly against window.
  • Replace blackout curtains every 4-5 years as fabrics lose opacity and effectiveness over time.

Regular care and proper hanging habits maximize the performance life of your blackout curtains.

Now that your blackout curtains are perfectly installed and looking fab, it’s time to reap the relaxing rewards! Keep them neatly closed during daylight hours to block every speck of light from penetrating your sleep space.

At night, draw them securely shut to prevent any stray beams from disrupting your slumber. Enjoy sleeping in indulgent darkness tailored to your exact needs and style. You’ll be catching quality Zzzs in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions About Blackout Curtains

If you still have questions about choosing and using blackout curtains, check out these common queries:

Do blackout curtains really block out all light?

It depends on the fabric, construction and proper hanging. The best can block 99-100% of light, but cheaper versions may allow some faint glow.

How well do blackout curtains reduce noise?

Thick, layered fabrics help absorb and muffle sounds. Performance varies based on materials and construction. But in general they significantly dampen noise.

Are blackout curtains safe for kids’ rooms?

Yes, as long as hung correctly on secure rods out of reach of children. Make sure cords or loops do not pose strangulation hazard.

What’s the difference between blackout, room darkening, and thermal curtains?

Blackout curtains completely block external light. Room darkening filters some light. Thermal curtains insulate to reduce heating/cooling costs.

Can I make regular curtains into blackout curtains?

Adding rubber, foam or quilted linings helps turn normal curtains into blackouts. Magnet strips and seal tape also help block light gaps.

Where should blackout curtains fall relative to the window?

Ideally, as close to floor length as possible, or puddled 1⁄2 to 1 inch below the window sill.

How do I know what size blackout curtains to buy?

Measure your rod width and window height, adding 3-4 inches on each side for overlap. Round up to nearest standard size.

Are blackout curtains machine washable?

Many are, but check labels. Use gentle cycles and air or line dry. Dry cleaning may be needed for delicate fabrics.

Do blackout curtains look okay from the outside of the house?

With stylish colors and patterns, blackout curtains can look fashionable externally. Opt for ones that complement your home’s exterior colors.

How long do blackout curtains typically last before needing replacement?

With proper care, high quality blackout curtains will maintain peak performance for 4-5 years. Budget versions may show light/noise seepage sooner.


Achieving a serene sleep sanctuary is possible with the addition of top-notch blackout curtains in your bedroom. By following the guidance in this article, you’re sure find the perfect pair to transform your space.

The benefits of blackout curtains extend far beyond aiding sleep. With their stylish fabrics, soothing insulation and sound dampening abilities, blackout curtains enhance comfort and ambiance throughout the day and night.

Carefully measure your windows, assess your needs, set a budget and evaluate the top recommendations presented here. With so many options, you can easily find blackout curtains that check all your boxes for price, performance and design.

Give yourself the gift of blissful slumber with bedroom blackout curtains tailored to your personal tastes. Say goodbye to restless nights and greet each new day feeling refreshed and restored!

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