Finding the Perfect Plush Pillow-Top Queen Mattress for You

Are you looking to upgrade your mattress to something ultra plush and comfortable? A plush pillow-top mattress can provide the soft, cushiony feel many sleepers love, while still providing support for your body. In this post, we’ll discuss the top 5 plush pillow-top queen mattresses to consider, tips for choosing the best plush mattress for your needs, and frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision.

What is a Plush Pillow-Top Mattress?

A plush pillow-top mattress has a layer of padding “pillowed” on top that creates extra softness and cloud-like comfort. This luxurious top layer can be made from materials like memory foam, latex foam, polyester fiberfill or down alternative. Underneath is a firmer base layer that provides underlying support.

Plush pillow-tops provide enhanced cushioning for contouring and pressure relief. The ultra-soft surface feels like sleeping on a fluffy cloud, allowing your body to gently sink in instead of feeling firm resistance. This makes them ideal for side sleepers or people wanting close body-hugging and comfort.

The benefits of plush pillow-top mattresses include:

  • Extra padding for luxurious softness
  • Pressure relief for shoulders, hips and joints
  • Motion isolation for undisturbed sleep
  • Conforming support for spinal alignment
  • Soothing comfort for side sleepers

Top 5 Plush Pillow-Top Queen Mattresses

If you’ve decided a plush pillow-top is right for you, choosing the perfect mattress comes down to your comfort preferences, sleep needs, and budget. Here are 5 excellent plush pillow-top queen mattresses to consider:

1. Saatva Classic Mattress

The Saatva Classic mattress comes with a super plush Euro pillow-top constructed with a layer of memory foam lumbar support. This high-end innerspring mattress provides superb cushioning and conforming comfort.

Key features:

  • Luxurious Euro pillow-top with memory foam layer
  • Dual coil unit construction for responsiveness
  • Good edge support from foam-encased perimeter
  • Multiple firmness options available

The Saatva Classic offers exceptional support for all sleeping positions and excellent motion isolation. The durable construction ensures many years of relaxing comfort. If you want the feel of a 5-star hotel luxury mattress, the Saatva Classic is a top choice.

2. DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress

The DreamCloud mattress features a sumptuous cashmere pillow-top and layers of memory foam for deep contouring. The pocketed coil base provides bounce, breathability and edge support.

Key features:

  • Plush cashmere pillow-top with foam layers
  • Pocketed coils offer responsiveness
  • Good motion isolation
  • Low off-gassing potential

With its cradling comfort and supportive base, the DreamCloud is excellent for side sleepers seeking pressure relief. Couples can enjoy undisturbed sleep thanks to its superior motion isolation. The DreamCloud comes with an impressive lifetime warranty.

3. The WinkBed Mattress

The luxury WinkBed mattress comes with a lofty Euro-style pillow-top to deliver softness, while the coil-on-coil design offers support. It’s available in multiple firmness levels.

Key features:

  • Hand-tufted Euro pillow-top
  • Zoned pocketed coil support core
  • Lumbar support layer
  • Very responsive and bouncy

The WinkBed earns high marks for its pressure relieving comfort, ample support, and durable construction. The hybrid design provides a cool and breathable sleeping surface as well. It’s a superb option for combination sleepers needing bounce.

4. Awara Organic Luxury Hybrid

The Awara mattress features a plush Euro-style top with layers of natural Dunlop latex contouring foam. The 9-inch pocketed coil unit offers resilience and increased airflow.

Key features:

  • GOLS certified organic latex foam
  • Rainforest Alliance certified coils
  • Natural wool fire barrier
  • Organic cotton cover
  • Qualifies for several certifications

The sustainably produced Awara mattress provides exceptional pressure relief and responsiveness. It offers solid edge support and minimal motion transfer too. Awara provides an eco-friendly mattress packed with premium features.

5. Layla Memory Foam Mattress

With two firmness levels in one (soft and firm side), the Layla memory foam mattress offers versatile comfort preferences. The plush side has a super-soft memory foam layer.

Key features:

  • Flippable firmness – soft and firm sides
  • Copper-infused memory foam top
  • High-density support foam core
  • Excellent motion isolation
  • Sleeps cool for memory foam

The Layla’s dual firmness allows you to customize your comfort level. The copper-infused foam also helps move heat away for a cooler sleep. With impressive pressure relief and contouring support, the Layla is great for side and combo sleepers.

How to Choose the Best Plush Pillow-Top Mattress

When shopping for a plush pillow-top mattress, here are some key factors to consider:

Sleeping Position

Your preferred sleeping position determines the right balance of softness and support. Side sleepers tend to do best with softer mattresses that cushion shoulders and hips, like plush pillow-tops. Back and stomach sleepers need more support to keep the spine aligned, so a plush may be too soft unless a firmer option is chosen.

Body Type

Heavier individuals and couples require more support to maintain healthy spine alignment during sleep. Lightweight people will likely find most plush mattresses provide adequate support. Pay attention to mattresses made for heavier weights if needed.

Firmness Preference

Do you like sleeping “in” your mattress with deep hugging? Or just a soft caress of plushness? This determines your ideal firmness. Many plush pillow-top mattresses are available in multiple firmness options to accommodate personal preferences.

Mattress Type

Plush pillow-tops can be found among innerspring, hybrid, latex and memory foam mattresses. Consider benefits like responsiveness, contouring, bounce, or pressure relief offered by each type. Combination sleepers often prefer the mobility of hybrids or innerspring.

Pain Relief

Pressure relieving properties are important if you suffer from back, hip or shoulder pain. Look for conforming materials like memory foam or latex in the comfort layers. Zoned support may also aid in spinal alignment.

Motion Isolation

For couples, excellent motion isolation prevents sleep disturbance when a partner moves. Foam and memory foam mattresses isolate motion best compared to innerspring and hybrids.

Edge Support

For maximum mattress surface, edge support allows you to sleep close to the perimeter without sagging. This is ideal for couples. Hybrids and innersprings tend to excel in edge support.

Cooling Properties

If you sleep hot, pay attention to cooling features like gel or copper-infused foams, phase change materials, or added airflow from coil systems that help regulate temperature for a cool, comfortable sleep.

Trial Period and Warranty

Buying a mattress online often comes with an in-home trial period so you can feel confident in your selection. Compare trial periods and the warranty coverage offered. Typical mattress warranties range from 10 years to lifetime.

By carefully considering these aspects, you can narrow down the perfect plush pillow-top mattress selection for your needs. It helps to read verified customer reviews as well. And don’t underestimate the value of testing out mattresses first in a showroom if possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Plush Pillow-Top Mattresses

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about plush pillow-top mattresses:

What exactly is a plush pillow-top mattress?

A plush pillow-top mattress refers to a mattress with extra padding sewn on top to create enhanced softness and cushioning comfort. The pillow-top can be made from various materials like foam, fiberfill or down alternative designed to feel fluffy and soft when you lay on it.

What are the benefits of choosing a plush pillow-top mattress?

Key benefits of plush pillow-top mattresses include:

  • Ultra-soft, luxurious feel for comfort
  • Excellent pressure relief, especially for side sleepers
  • Close contouring and body-hugging
  • Reduced motion transfer so you remain undisturbed
  • That “sleeping on a cloud” floating sensation

Who are plush pillow-top mattresses best suited for?

Plush pillow-tops provide excellent cushioning, especially for side sleepers who need pressure relief in shoulders and hips. Stomach and back sleepers may find them too soft unless they choose a firmer model. Heavier people require thicker pillow-tops for sufficient support.

In general, people wanting deep contouring comfort will enjoy the extra padding of a plush pillow-top. This includes side sleepers, people with sharp pressure points, arthritis, and anyone wanting a super soft, luxurious feel.

How long do plush pillow-top mattresses last?

The lifespan of a plush pillow-top mattress depends on the quality of materials and construction. On average, expect at least 7-10 years of life, though some may last 12-15 years or longer. Rotating the mattress head-to-foot every 6 months helps preserve the pillow-top padding.

Higher density foams and better reinforced edges tend to increase a mattress’s durability. Replace the mattress once you notice visible sagging or loss of support and comfort.

Do you need a special foundation for a pillow-top mattress?

Most plush pillow-top mattresses work fine on basic foundations or adjustable bases. Some manufacturers, especially for thicker mattresses, suggest a matching foundation for optimal performance. Slatted foundations can also support air circulation.

The key is to use a supportive base. Avoid old box springs that sag, as this can compress the mattress layers and pillow-top prematurely.

Does a pillow-top void the mattress warranty?

In most cases, adding a pillow-top will not void the mattress warranty as long as it was designed for the particular model. Tampering with mattress layers or adding unmatched pillow-tops could potentially affect warranties, so check with the manufacturer.

Can I flip or rotate my plush pillow-top mattress?

Rotating your plush mattress head-to-foot every 6 months can help it wear evenly. But you should never flip a pillow-top mattress. The plush side is designed for comfort while the firmer base provides support. Flipping can damage the mattress.

Are plush pillow-top mattresses good for couples?

Plush pillow-top mattresses are excellent for couples, thanks to their above-average motion isolation that prevents sleep disturbances when your partner moves in bed. The conforming and pressure relieving qualities also make it comfortable for different body types and preferences.

Choose a model with strong edge support so you can use the entire mattress surface. Added edge support also improves mattress durability.

What materials make the best plush pillow-top?

The most common pillow-top materials are memory foam, latex foam, polyfoam, fiberfill or down alternative. Softer, low-density memory and latex foams contour closely with plush comfort but minimal pushback. Polyfoams offer more bounce and responsiveness. Microcoils also add springy cushioning.

Natural fibers like wool, cotton, and latex allow for increased airflow. Cashmere, polyester and other fabrics give a super soft, luxurious feel. Memory foam infused with gel, copper, or graphite pulls heat away from the body for a cooler sleep.

How do I clean and care for a pillow-top mattress?

Caring for your pillow-top mattress properly preserves its comfort and support. Always use a mattress protector to shield from spills and stains. For regular cleaning, spot clean the cover by hand with mild soap and cold water. Avoid harsh chemicals. Let the spot air dry completely before putting sheets back on.

Vacuum the mattress surface occasionally using an upholstery attachment. This removes accumulated dust and allergens trapped in the pillow-top fibers. Avoid over-wetting the pillow-top that can damage foam and materials inside.

What’s the difference between a Euro top and pillow top mattress?

Euro top and pillow top mattresses both add extra padding for plush softness but are constructed differently. A Euro top is tightly upholstered with the cover fabrics sewn directly onto the mattress. Pillow tops have a removable cover filled with thick padding materials that creates more dramatic cushioning.

Euro tops offer softness while maintaining a streamlined silhouette. Traditional pillow tops are more luxuriously padded, akin to sleeping with a fluffy pillow. Personal preference dictates whether a Euro top or fuller pillow top feels best to you.

Why are some plush pillow-tops quilted?

Quilting refers to the stitched chevron or other patterns you see on some pillow-top surfaces. This not only creates an elegant aesthetic but quilting the cover to the mattress layers helps prevent the padding from shifting and bunching over time. Quilting increases the mattress’s durability and stabilizes the plushness.

What thickness of pillow-top is best?

Pillow-tops range from 1 to 3 inches thick or more. Thinner 1- 2 inch pillow-tops provide subtle extra padding. The plushness enhances over 2-3 inches without compromising support. Side sleepers and heavier persons may prefer a thicker 3 inch pillow-top for pressure relief. Personal comfort decides the most suitable thickness.

Are plush pillow-top mattresses good for back pain?

The right plush pillow-top mattress can certainly help alleviate back pain through contouring support. But proper spinal alignment is key, so the mattress can’t be so soft that it causes sagging.

Find a plush mattress with excellent ergonomic zoning and lumbar support in the comfort layers. This cradles the curves while keeping the spine on an even plane. Memory foam and latex do well at conforming support. Innerspring and hybrids should have robust coil systems.

Do pillow-top mattresses sleep hot?

Traditional thick pillow-tops with dense foam and fiberfill can retain heat. However many new models use advanced materials like gel, copper graphite infused foam, or other technologies to dissipate heat and keep the surface cool.

Coil support systems and added airflow layers also help regulate temperature. Removable covers made with moisture-wicking fabrics keep pillow-tops fresh and cool. So pillow-tops can sleep cool with the right construction.


With their irresistible plush comfort, pillow-top mattresses make getting great, pain-free sleep a nightly luxury. Choosing the ideal plush mattress means matching your body type, sleep position, firmness preference, and support needs to the mattress design.

Comparing construction quality, materials, cooling properties, trial periods and warranties ensures you get the best investment for your needs. The top plush pillow-top queen mattresses provide contouring softness while still supporting your spine correctly.

Let the recommendations here guide you towards restful, unsupported sleep cushioned in a cloud-like mattress! The comfort benefits of the right plush pillow-top make getting out of bed in the morning a challenge.

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