Finding the Perfect Bunk Beds with Stairs for Your Kids

As a parent, making sure your kids have a safe, comfortable, and fun place to sleep is a top priority. If you have multiple children sharing a bedroom, bunk beds can be a great space-saving solution. Bunk beds with stairs provide easy access to the top bunk, promoting independence for older kids, while eliminating the need for ladders that may be tricky for younger kids to climb.

When it’s time to shop for bunk beds, there are several factors to weigh as you choose the right model for your family’s needs and bedroom space. This guide will walk you through the key considerations as you evaluate bunk bed options with stairs, to help you select a high-quality, safe design tailored for your children. We’ll also review the top-rated bunk bed picks that provide the ideal blend of function and fun.

What to Look for in Bunk Beds with Stairs

When browsing bunk bed styles with built-in stairs, keep the following criteria in mind:

Age and Independence Level of Child Using the Top Bunk

For young kids under the age of 6, a bunk bed with stairs may not be the best fit, as they still need help getting into bed. Look for bunks with shorter ladders or only use the bottom bunk for little ones.

For older elementary school-aged children or tweens who can safely navigate stairs on their own without supervision, a bunk bed with stairs allows them to access their top bunk independently. Make sure to set ground rules about safe use of the stairs.

Room Size and Layout

You’ll need enough floor space for the stairs without blocking furniture or room for playing. Measure the room to ensure you have the minimum dimensions for the bunk bed frame, with several feet of clearance on each side. Consider the layout to find the optimal orientation for the bunk beds and stairs in the room.

Safety Features

Any bunk bed for kids needs essential safety elements like full-length guardrails on the top bunk to prevent falls. Look for rails on both sides of the bed. For models with stairs, make sure the stairs also have rails to provide a handhold. High weight limits and reinforced construction for durability are also key.

Weight Limits

Consider the ages of your children and look for bunk beds rated to hold a minimum of 200 pounds on the upper bunk. Many quality bunks will support up to 300 pounds or more, for lasting durability as kids grow.

Height of Top Bunk and Stairs

The lower the height of the top bunk, the easier it is for younger kids to climb up using the built-in stairs. Many standard bunks have the top bunk around 5-6 feet off the ground. If considering taller loft-style bunks, assess your child’s ability to safely handle steeper stairs.

Underbed Space Use

Maximize the usable space under the bottom bunk by looking for options with built-in drawers, shelves or even a desk. This creates a tucked-away workstation or storage nook.

Mattress Size Accommodation

Standard twin mattresses usually fit both bunks. Make sure the bunk bed model you choose can fit the mattress sizes you plan to use. Measure mattress dimensions before ordering.

Style Preferences

Consider your kids’ input on bunk bed style. Look for colors or finishes they like. Kids may enjoy whimsical details like house-shaped frames. For a more sophisticated look as kids grow, seek minimalist styles.


Bunk bed prices can range from under $200 for basic models to over $1,000 for premium wood designs. Set a firm budget and stick to it. Don’t sacrifice safety to save money.

Taking stock of these factors will guide you toward the ideal bunk bed with stairs setup for your family. Next, let’s look at some of the top-rated designs on the market that excel in providing safe, sturdy and stylish bunk beds kids will love.

Reviews of the Best Bunk Beds with Stairs

Here are my top recommended bunk bed picks that include sturdy built-in stairs for easy access:

1. DHP Twin-Over-Twin Metal Bunk Bed


  • Twin over twin
  • Metal frame with silver finish
  • Integrated L-shaped stairs
  • Guardrails on top bunk and stairs
  • Accommodates standard twin mattresses
  • Weight limit: 200 lbs per bunk
  • Overall dimensions: 78.5” H x 42.5” W x 64.5” D

This budget-friendly metal bunk bed from DHP is a great space saver, with a simple and sturdy build. The L-shaped integrated stairs provide a safe grip with anti-slip treads.


  • Affordable price point under $200
  • Sleek and minimalist look
  • Easy to assemble
  • Compact footprint fits in small bedrooms


  • Lower weight limit than some bunks
  • May feel slightly shaky when climbing stairs
  • Metal construction conducts sound more than wood

Best for: Elementary school-aged kids 6-10 years old. Great fit for smaller rooms.

2. Max & Lily Solid Wood Bunk Beds


  • Twin over full bunk bed
  • New Zealand pine wood construction
  • Full-length guardrails on both beds
  • Integrated 4-step staircase
  • Holds up to 400 lbs per bunk
  • Dimensions: 65” H x 42” W x 78” D

This gorgeous bunk bed handcrafted from high-quality solid pine wood makes a stylish statement in any bedroom. The built-in stairs span the full width of the bed for added safety.


  • Made from durable, high-grade wood
  • Classic design grows with kids
  • Under-bed trundle drawer option available
  • 400 lb weight capacity per bunk
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty


  • More expensive than basic metal bunks
  • Significant time required for assembly
  • Stairs take up some space when not in use

Best for: Kids of all ages. Perfect for larger bedrooms and long-term use.

3. Walker Edison Wood Bunk Bed with Stairs


  • Twin over twin bunks
  • Solid wood frame and birch plywood stairs
  • Optional trundle bed and storage drawers
  • Integrated 4-step staircase
  • Guardrails installed on top bunk
  • Holds up to 250 lbs per bunk
  • Measures 65” H x 42” W x 78” D

This versatile bunk bed design from Walker Edison can convert into a trundle bed or add storage drawers underneath. The natural wood finish gives the bed an attractive, classic look.


  • Multi-functional with storage options
  • Made from high-quality plywood and wood
  • Optional trundle allows for third bed
  • Can securely hold two adults
  • Kid-friendly neutral colors


  • Assembly can take several hours
  • Stairs angle may be steep for younger kids
  • Trundle bed purchased separately

Best for: Older elementary to middle school-aged children who can safely use steep stairs. Great for maximizing room for siblings.

4. Donco Kids Low Study Bunk Bed


  • Twin over twin bunks
  • White metal frame with built-in desk and shelves
  • 4-step staircase with handrail
  • Top bunk height 44 inches
  • Holds up to 200 lbs per bunk
  • Overall dimensions: 61” H x 42” W x 78” D

This space-saving bunk bed has a built-in study nook under the stairs, complete with a desk and shelf storage. The low top bunk makes it accessible for younger kids.


  • Integrated study area and storage space
  • Shorter top bunk for easy access
  • Compact, efficient use of space
  • Affordable price under $300
  • Fun, youthful style


  • Desk space is shallow
  • Metal construction susceptible to noise
  • Lower weight limit than some models
  • Mattresses not included

Best for: Elementary schoolers or preschoolers not yet ready for very high bunks. Perfect for maximizing play and study space.

5. Discovery World Furniture Espresso Bunk Bed


  • Twin over full bunks
  • Espresso wood grain finish
  • Full-width integrated staircase
  • Guardrails on top bunk
  • Accommodates twin and full mattresses
  • Holds up to 350 lbs per bunk
  • Dimensions: 65” H x 57” W x 80” D

This versatile bunk bed allows you to place a twin mattress up top with a larger full size on the bottom bunk. The rich espresso finish gives the bunk bed a modern, eye-catching look.


  • Accommodates twin and full mattresses
  • Warm, durable wood grain finish
  • Full-width stairs add stability
  • Can securely support adults
  • Contemporary style


  • Assembly requires two people
  • Wood finish prone to nicks and scratches
  • Takes up more floor space than metal frames

Best for: Older kids and teens who like a grown-up aesthetic. Also great for guest rooms.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bunk Beds with Stairs

For first-time bunk bed buyers, the variety of new options and safety considerations can spur lots of questions. Here are answers to some of the key questions parents have about choosing bunk beds with stairs:

How much weight can bunk beds with stairs hold?

Look for bunk beds rated to hold a minimum of 200 pounds on the top bunk. Sturdier wood models can hold up to 400 pounds or more per bunk.

What is the recommended age for the top bunk?

Bunk beds with stairs are ideal for school-aged kids at least 6 years or older who can safely use the stairs unattended. Avoid using the top bunk for kids under age 6.

What size mattresses fit on bunk beds with stairs?

The most common mattress size is twin for both the top and bottom bunks. Some bunks allow a full mattress on the bottom bunk with a twin up top. Measure mattress dimensions before ordering.

How do you add safety rails to bunk beds with stairs?

Many bunk beds come with guardrails on the top bunk. For those without, use properly fitting full-length metal bed rails secured with brackets to prevent gaps. Check the manual for guidance on adding rails.

Should you get matching bedding sets for the top and bottom bunks?

For a coordinated look, choose identical or complementary bedding sets for both bunks. Mix and match patterns and solids for fun contrast. Buy bedding that reflects each child’s unique personality and style.

How do you secure the stairs on bunk beds?

Proper assembly is crucial, so follow instructions carefully. Reinforced side railings provide grip. Some beds have straps or brackets to further stabilize stairs. Periodically inspect stairs for any loosening.

What’s the best way to assemble bunk beds with stairs?

Assemble bunk beds on a flat, even surface with ample room. Have two adults work together following all safety warnings. Use power tools for efficiency. Tighten all bolts securely and test stability before use.

How can you save space with bunk beds with stairs?

Maximize vertical storage with double bunks. Place beds in a corner to free up floor space. Add under-bed drawers or a trundle to tuck away clothes and toys. Hang wall shelves or organizational units above the bunks.

I hope these tips help provide a comprehensive overview of the key considerations when shopping for the ideal bunk bed with stairs setup for your kids. Take time to evaluate your family’s needs and bedroom constraints before making this important purchase. Prioritize safety and quality above all. With the right bunk bed, you can create a bedroom your kids will happily and safely enjoy for years.

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