Find Your Perfect Full-Size Futon – Top Picks and Buying Tips

Futons have long been a popular option for affordable and space-saving furniture. The classic futon converts easily from a couch to a bed, allowing you to have a sleeping space and a sitting area in one compact piece. Futons come in a range of sizes, but a full-size futon is an excellent choice for everyday use as a couch, lounger and primary bed.

Full-size futons measure around 75 inches long by 54 inches wide, which gives you plenty of sleeping and sitting space without taking up as much floor real estate as a traditional bed. Full-size futon frames are available in a variety of styles – from basic futons with fold-down back rests to more sophisticated futon beds with adjustable positions and stylish upholstered headboards. Premium full-size futons feature thicker mattresses with hundreds of pocket coils or high-density foams that provide the comfort and support you’d expect from a traditional mattress.

In this post, we’ll highlight the top 5 highest rated full-size futons that provide excellent value. We’ll also give you tips for choosing the perfect full-size futon frame and mattress that meet your needs and fit your space. Let’s start with reviews of the top futons on the market today:

Top 5 Full-Size Futons

1. DHP Emily Split Back Futon

The DHP Emily futon has a versatile split back design that easily converts between a sitting couch and a lounging or sleeping bed. The sturdy metal frame features chrome metal legs for a touch of mid-century style.

This futon is 71 inches wide, folds down to 43 inches deep and can support up to 600 lbs. The futon mattress is stuffed with polyester batting and made of polyester and cotton fabric. It’s 6 inches thick – which is on the thinner side but provides basic comfort and support.


  • Space-saving split back design
  • Easy conversion between sitting, lounging and sleeping positions
  • Sturdy wood and metal frame construction
  • Easy assembly with instructions and tools included
  • Budget-friendly price around $200


  • Less plush, thinner mattress than more expensive models
  • Plain design aesthetics may not work with all decor
  • Limited mattress material and color options

The Emily futon receives excellent reviews for its simplicity, versatility and affordability. It’s a great starter futon for teens, college dorms and smaller spaces where budget is a concern. The easy unfold design makes it a convenient guest bed as well.

2. Kodiak Monterey Futon Set

As the name suggests, the Kodiak Monterey futon has a solid, sturdy build and premium cushioning. The wood frame is finished in a handsome dark espresso, while the futon mattress is 8 inches thick and stuffed with multi-layer foam.

This futon is 76 inches wide, folds down to 43 inches deep and has a weight capacity of 750 lbs. It easily converts between an upright lounge position and a fully reclined bed. The mattress closes over the sturdy wooden seat deck.


  • Thick 8 inch mattress provides exceptional comfort
  • Lounge, recline and sleep position options
  • Sturdy hardwood frame with beautiful finish
  • Made in the USA
  • Large storage space under seat


  • Bulky frame not as versatile as lighter frames
  • Armrests are not removable
  • Higher price around $850

With its premium build and comfort, the Kodiak Monterey earns stellar reviews as a primary couch and bed. It’s perfect if you want the quality and amenities of a traditional sofa bed with the versatility of a futon. The made in the USA craftsmanship ensures this futon will last for years.

3. Nirvana Stanford Futon Set

The luxurious Nirvana Stanford futon has a elegant Chesterfield-inspired design with tufted cushions, wooden slat sides and graceful curved arms. The futon frame is crafted from kiln-dried hardwood in a warm oak finish.

This futon is 80 inches wide, folds down to 36 inches deep and has a 500 lb weight capacity. The 8-inch mattress is stuffed with foam, cotton batting and pocket coils for optimal comfort and support. It easily converts between couch and bed positions.


  • Tufted cushioning provides upscale look
  • Hardwood frame with oak finish
  • Includes spacious storage drawer
  • Easy conversion between bed and sofa


  • Lower 500 lb weight capacity
  • Armrests don’t detach fully when converting to bed
  • On the pricier side around $950

If you want the look of an English rolled arm sofa along with the versatility of a futon, the Stanford is a fantastic choice. It’s perfect for lighter-use guest room or as a statement piece in smaller living spaces. Just mind the lower weight capacity when using frequently as a bed.

4. Divano Roma Furniture Splitback Futon

The Divano Roma splitback futon features a classic convertible couch design with stylish fabric upholstery. The sturdy hardwood frame folds down easily into lounge and sleep positions.

This futon is 71 inches wide, folds down to 38 inches deep and has a 600 lb capacity. The mattress is 6 inches thick and stuffed with polyurethane foam blend. Chrome metal legs add a hint of modern flair.


  • Classic futon style with updated fabric cover
  • Easily converts to lounge, recline and sleep positions
  • Sturdy hardwood frame with chrome legs
  • Very affordable price around $280


  • Thinner mattress may not be ideal for tall/large people
  • Limited color and fabric choices
  • Plain design aesthetics

The Divano Roma futon earns praise for its simplicity, comfort and value. It’s an excellent budget choice for a basic guest bed, couch for a home office or basement, or a starter futon. Just don’t expect the plushness or amenities of pricier models.

5. DHP Paxson Convertible Futon Couch Bed

The DHP Paxson futon has a contemporary style with its rich faux leather upholstery and chic metal legs. The split back design folds down easily into multiple positions.

This futon is 69 inches wide, folds down to 35 inches deep and supports up to 600 lbs. The mattress thickness is 6 inches and it is stuffed with polyester batting.


  • Contemporary upholstery and chrome legs
  • Lounger and bed position options
  • Easy to assemble and convert
  • Very affordable around $220


  • Low mattress thickness
  • Lower weight capacity than some models
  • Limited color choices

The modern styling of the Paxson makes it a nice choice for urban apartments and contemporary spaces. It’s a great affordable futon for teens and smaller spaces where style and versatility are priorities.

How to Choose the Best Full-Size Futon

Now that you know the top full-size futon options, let’s go over some key tips for picking the right futon frame and mattress to match your space and needs:

  • Consider your needs – Will the futon be used regularly for sleeping or more occasionally? Do you need storage space built into the frame? These factors help determine the right futon configuration.
  • Measure your space – Standard full-size futons need at least 75″ length and 54″ width when open. Measure the room to ensure you have enough space.
  • Frame material – Wood or metal futon frames are most durable. Avoid plastic frames which can warp and break easier under frequent use.
  • Mattress thickness – At minimum, look for 6″ thickness for basic comfort, or 8″ and above for optimal sleep support.
  • Test the mattress – Lie down on display models to assess comfort. Press firmly on the mattress to see if you feel the slats underneath.
  • Mattress materials – Polyester and cotton stuffing provides firmness and breathability. For plush feel, look for layers of high density foam and pocketed coils in the hundreds.
  • Split back feature – This allows futon to fold down as a couch for upright support. Check that split back reclines fully for sleeping.
  • Firm but comfy – Futon mattresses are generally firmer than regular mattresses. However, higher quality ones will still feel soft and comfortable, not hard as a rock.
  • Weight capacity – For frequent use, look for at least 600 lb capacity. Up to 1000 lb capacity ensures durability for years.
  • Color and style – Choose neutral colors like black, gray, brown if concerned about style longevity. Or pick bright shades to make a decor statement.
  • Budget – Quality full-size futons range from $200 on the low end to $600+ for thicker mattresses and more stylish frames.
  • Reviews – Check reviews on retail sites for feedback on comfort, quality and ease of assembly.
  • Delivery costs – If not picking up in-store, compare delivery fees which can add $50-$150.
  • Trial period – Consider brands like Nectar offering 180-night trials in case the futon doesn’t work out for you.
  • Avoid super cheap – Very budget futons can be flimsy and prone to early sagging. Invest in quality materials for long-term savings.
  • Assembly – Many futons require some assembly. Make sure it’s straightforward and all tools/hardware are included.
  • Warranties – Look for at least 1 year on frame and 6 months to 1 year on the mattress.

Choosing the ideal full-size futon comes down to considering your priorities – whether they are maximizing comfort, space savings, style or keeping costs low. With so many quality futons on the market, you should have no problem finding one that checks all your boxes!

Frequently Asked Questions About Full-Size Futons

If you’re new to the world of futons, you probably have plenty of questions about how well they work as couches and beds. Here are answers to some of the key questions shoppers have:

How much space do I need for a full-size futon?

Full-size futons are around 75 inches long by 54 inches wide. You’ll want a room with that much clear floor space at minimum. Allow a bit of extra space on the sides if using the reclining back feature.

Is a full-size futon comfortable for regular use?

Full-size futons can work very well as a primary couch and bed if you choose a high quality mattress. Look for coil counts over 200 and dense foam layers for optimal comfort and support.

How much weight can a full-size futon hold?

Quality futon frames support 600-1000 lbs, which is suitable for everyday use. The highest quality futons have a weight capacity up to 1300 lbs for extra durability.

What’s the difference between a futon mattress and a regular mattress?

Futon mattresses are slimmer and firmer than regular mattresses to enable the folding mechanism. But premium futons have thick, plush mattresses nearer to a traditional bed mattress.

Should I put a mattress topper on a futon?

Adding a 1-3 inch mattress topper can help make a firm futon mattress feel softer. Look for toppers designed for futons that won’t interfere with folding.

Get Comfortable on Your Perfect Futon Today!

Futons have come a long way from their basic dorm room days. You can now easily find stylish, well-constructed full-size futons offering everyday comfort along with space savings. Follow the tips above to identify the ideal frame, mattress and accessories to create the perfect multifunctional futon for your home.

With the many quality futon options on the market, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for the versatility of a convertible couch-bed. Visit a store to try out futons in person whenever possible. And don’t be afraid to use trial periods or return policies if your first choice doesn’t work out.

The right full-size futon is out there waiting for you. So start your research today and soon you’ll be lounging, sleeping and saving space in affordable futon style!

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