Cook Faster and Smarter with the Top 5 Induction Ranges

Induction cooking has soared in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. Induction ranges heat foods faster, more evenly, and more precisely than traditional electric or gas stoves. The induction technology uses magnetic coils under the surface to induce a current in compatible cookware, so the pan itself heats up instead of the cooktop. This makes induction extremely energy efficient.

Induction ranges also cool down rapidly once a pot or pan is removed, making the surfaces far safer than standard electric stovetops. There’s no open flame to worry about either, unlike with gas ranges. Plus, without grimy heating elements or burners, smooth induction tops are a breeze to clean.

With so many advantages, it’s easy to see the appeal of going induction for your next kitchen appliance upgrade. But with more models hitting the market, how do you pick the right induction range for your needs and budget? I’ve researched the top-rated induction cooktop brands and tested the leading models firsthand. Here are my reviews of the top 5 induction ranges that will cook your food lightning fast while delivering the best value.

What to Look for in an Induction Cooktop

Before jumping into the reviews, let’s overview some of the key features that differentiate one induction cooktop from another:

  • Touch Controls vs Knobs – Most induction ranges utilize smooth glass surfaces with sensitive touch controls. This allows for a sleek, modern look that’s easy to wipe clean. Some models still offer physical knobs and dials for those who prefer more tactile feedback when adjusting settings.
  • Number of Cooking Zones – Entry-level induction cooktops typically have 2 or 4 zones, while full ranges can have 5 or more. Think about how many pots and pans you’d want to boil or sauté at once to determine the number of zones you need.
  • Size of Cooking Zones – Larger diameter zones are better for accommodating big stockpots or griddles. Having at least one small zone is useful for simmering sauces. Flexible zones that combine into larger cooking areas provide the most versatility.
  • Power Levels – The higher the wattage, the faster your cookware will heat up. Power levels ranging from 100W for low melts up to 3700W+ deliver rapid boiling.
  • Safety Features – Induction ranges often come with auto shut-off if a pot boils dry or gets overheated. Locking controls protect little fingers. Error codes self-diagnose issues.
  • Cookware Compatibility – Induction only works with pans made of magnetic materials like cast iron and stainless steel. Check that your existing pots and pans have induction-suitable bottoms.
  • Extra Features – Look for presets like melting, simmering, and warming functions. Timers and temperature controls take the guesswork out of cooking. Some induction cooktops even have WiFi and app connectivity now.

With those factors and features in mind, let’s take a look at the top induction range models on the market right now:

1. Bosch Benchmark 800 Series Induction Cooktop

Overview – With its sleek black glass finish and intuitive touch controls, the Bosch Benchmark 800 Series induction cooktop delivers both form and function. Across five cooking zones you get over 3,700W of power for blazingly fast boiling and searing.

Cooking Zones – The five zones include two extra-large 11″ elements, two 8″ elements, and a 6″ round element, providing flexibility for pots of all sizes. The FlexInduction zone lets you bridge two sections together as one large cooking surface.

Features – Ten power levels up to 3,700W, a keep warm function, timers for each zone, child safety lock, and hot surface indicators make this Bosch induction cooktop truly high-tech. The pot positioning feature automatically detects where you’ve placed pans to heat that area only.

Performance – Just shy of 4,000W total, this Bosch induction range delivers exceptional power and responsive temperature control unequaled at this price point. Pans gain heat rapidly for quick boiling or searing at a sizzle.

Design – The sleek black glass surface looks elegant and wipes easily clean after cooking. Red illuminated zones shine brighter as you increase the power. Physical touch controls give great tactile feedback.

Ease of Use – Thanks to intuitive touch controls and clear digital displays, it’s easy to select your power level or timer for each zone. The included pan detection eliminates guesswork.

Price – Ranging from $2,500 – $3,000, this Bosch induction cooktop provides serious performance and features generally only found in more expensive models. It’s a great value for the quality.


  • Powerful 3700W+ output
  • Large and flexible cooking zones
  • Great features like pan detection
  • Sleek, minimalist design


  • Installation requires 50 amp electrical service
  • No child lock on this model

Ideal for those wanting restaurant-grade power in a stylish, user-friendly package, the Bosch Benchmark 800 Series induction range delivers robust performance worthy of any home chef.

2. Wolf Transitional Induction Cooktop

Overview – Bringing together the best in form and function, the Wolf Transitional induction cooktop provides exceptional power and performance with trademark Wolf design aesthetics. This flexible 6-zone cooktop can tackle anything a passionate home chef throws at it.

Cooking Zones – With six cooking elements ranging from 6″ to 11″ in diameter, you’ll have room to simmer sauces, boil water, stir fry veggies, and so much more all at once. The 11″ zone produces a whopping 3700W of power for lightning boiling.

Features – In addition to 10 power levels up to 3700W, you’ll enjoy features like a melt setting, automatic pan detection, hot surface indicators, temperature probe, timers, and bridge element that combines two zones into one larger cooking area.

Performance – Heating up quicker than any induction range I’ve tested, the Wolf Transitional delivers extremely responsive, even heating across all zones. From a gentle simmer to rolling boil, performance is unmatched.

Design – Stainless steel knobs and handsome red LEDs provide an elegant yet functional design that looks fantastic in both contemporary and more traditional kitchens. Smooth black glass is a dream to clean.

Ease of Use – With knobs for each zone plus digital controls, it’s simple to make precise temperature adjustments and take advantage of features like the melt setting. Just turn the knob to activate!

Price – As a premium appliance brand, Wolf induction ranges run from $4,000 – $5,000 depending on configurations. The quality craftsmanship and cooking experience make this model worth the investment.


  • Powerful output across 6 zones
  • Even, rapid heating
  • Useful features like bridge element
  • Sleek yet sturdy stainless knobs


  • Requires 50 amp electrical service
  • Higher price tag

For those who want the very best in induction cooking performance, the Wolf Transitional Induction Range certainly fits the bill with exceptional power, versatility, and ease of use.

3. Frigidaire Gallery Series Induction Range

Overview – Delivering excellent cooking performance at a more affordable price point, the Frigidaire Gallery Series induction range provides great value for the quality. Four induction zones, cool touch doors, and convection baking make this a compelling all-in-one induction oven range.

Cooking Zones – The four elements include an 11″ 3200W zone for rapid boiling, two 7″ zones for general cooking, and a 6″ zone perfect for simmering sauces or melting chocolate. The Sprint Preheat feature heats cookware 25% faster.

Features – In addition to four induction zones, you’ll enjoy convection bake and roast modes, self-cleaning mode, temperature probe, warming drawer, and various one-touch cook functions. The range comes in multiple finishes.

Performance – For an under $2000 induction range, the Frigidaire Gallery series boasts impressive power up to 3200W for quick heat-up times. The induction elements deliver even heating across all zones consistently.

Design – Available in stainless steel, black stainless, or matte black, this induction range will complement a variety of kitchen decors. The smooth cooktop wipes clean easily while knobs give tactile feedback when adjusting temperature.

Ease of Use – Simple knobs and digital display make it straightforward to use the induction cooktop features and built-in oven functions. One-touch cook menus provide shortcuts for commonly used settings.

Price – Ranging from $1700 – $2000, this Frigidaire Gallery induction range is an affordable option compared to many other built-in induction ranges on the market. You get a lot of functionality and power for the price.


  • Great value for a full induction range
  • Powerful 3200W induction element
  • Useful convection and air fry modes
  • Family-friendly safety features


  • Only four induction cooking zones
  • Fingerprints show on black stainless

For a full induction range under $2000, the Frigidaire Gallery Series packs an impressive punch in terms of cooking power, oven performance, and useful features.

4. Empava IQ Induction Cooktop

Overview – As a leader in budget-friendly induction cooktops, Empava delivers solid cooking power in sleek ceramic glass packages. The IQ Induction Cooktop model provides intuitive touch controls across 4 zones up to 3700W power.

Cooking Zones – Four cooking elements range from 6.5″ to 9″ diameter. Bridges combine two zones into one large cooking area. A smart pan detection system recognizes pan size and automatically heats only that portion of the zone.

Features – With 10 power levels up to 3700W maximum power, the Empava IQ induction cooktop provides rapid boiling and quick cooking. The simple LED touch controls look sleek and make adjustments easy. Safety features include auto shut-off and child lock.

Performance – Empava induction cooktops heat quickly and hold temperature well once reached. The 3700W output delivers fast boiling. Pan detection helps fine-tune heating to avoid scorching on smaller pots.

Design – The black ceramic glass surface resists scratches and cleans up beautifully after cooking. Slim profile and intuitive LED touch controls give a very modern, minimalist look. Indicator lights are easy to read.

Ease of Use – Thanks to straightforward touch controls and auto pan detection, the Empava IQ induction cooktop couldn’t be easier to use. Just turn on your zone, set power level, and start cooking.

Price – Costing just $350 – $600, this Empava model offers incredible value as one of the most affordable induction cooktops with high 3700W power. Great choice for budget induction cooking.


  • Very affordable induction option
  • Sleek touch control design
  • Powerful 3700W maximum output
  • Helpful pan detection system


  • No bridge function to combine zones
  • Installation instructions could be clearer

For those seeking an entry-level induction cooktop, the Empava IQ delivers fast, energy-efficient cooking performance at a very wallet-friendly price point.

5. GE Profile Induction Cooktop

Overview – Known for its affordable, quality home appliances, GE offers solid induction cooking with the Profile series 30″ induction cooktop. Five cooking elements provide flexibility while GE’s Hot Surface indicator improves safety.

Cooking Zones – The GE Profile cooktop includes a large 11″ 3000W induction zone alongside two 7″ elements and two 6″ elements. The 11″ zone delivers rapid boiling power. Bridges combine zones for larger cooking areas.

Features – Variable 10 power levels up to 3000W max power, pan detection, hot surface indicators, kitchen timers, child lock, and bridge elements make cooking easy across all five zones. The LED display is straightforward.

Performance – Packed with 3000W of power, the Profile induction cooktop heats up pans and their contents quickly. The sensing technology detects pan size for focused heating. Temperature regulation keeps things steady once reached.

Design – The sleek black glass surface looks great in contemporary kitchens. Red LED displays provide clear feedback on settings. The flush appearance makes cleanup after meals simple.

Ease of Use – Thanks to intuitive controls, setting timers, adjusting power levels, and activating the child safety lock takes no time at all. GE’s Hot Surface indicator is useful for monitoring when zones are cool enough to touch.

Price – Ranging from $700 – $1200, the GE Profile induction cooktop hits the sweet spot of delivering solid performance without breaking the bank. It’s an affordable way to enjoy induction cooking.


  • Powerful 3000W maximum output
  • Helpful surface hot indicators
  • Good quality at an affordable price
  • Sleek black glass design


  • Installation instructions could be clearer
  • Sound can be loud on highest settings

For an entry-level induction cooktop backed by a reputable American brand, the GE Profile induction range is a great performing and affordable option.

Induction Cooktop Buying Considerations

Now that you’ve seen the top induction cooktops and ranges in 2023, keep the following key factors in mind while shopping:

  • Price – Induction cooking still costs more upfront than gas or electric ranges. But models under $1000 provide faster heating for less than many builtin oven ranges.
  • Installation – Induction may require new wiring with a 50 amp grounded electrical connection. Consult an electrician unless your kitchen was previously setup for induction.
  • Pans – Check your cookware for magnetism by seeing if a magnet sticks to the bottom. Cast iron and stainless steel work best. Copper and aluminum must have magnetic discs added.
  • Noise – Induction can vibrate cookware at high settings, making slight humming noises. This is normal, but to keep noise down, avoid metal utensils scraping on the glass.
  • Child Safety – Many induction cooktops now come with child lock functions. This is useful for protecting little fingers from hot surfaces. Monitor children closely regardless.

Considering your cooking needs, kitchen design, and budget will help narrow the choices and select the right induction appliance for your household.

Induction Cooking FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about cooking with induction ranges and cooktops:

Is induction cooking safe?

Yes, induction cooking is completely safe. Electromagnetic fields generated are not dangerous – they only heat the cookware itself. The glass surface remains cool to the touch unless pans are on it.

Is induction cooking energy efficient?

Absolutely. Induction ranges heat the pan itself instead of the cooktop so very little energy is lost. They use up to 90% less energy than standard electric ranges while cooking much faster.

What types of pans work with induction cooktops?

Look for cookware made from magnetic stainless steel, cast iron, or enameled steel. The magnet test is the easiest way to check if your pans will work.

Does induction heating require special wiring?

Sometimes, if your kitchen wasn’t previously wired for an induction appliance. Consult your owner’s manual or ask an electrician. Often a 50 amp circuit is recommended to allow for the higher wattages.

Is induction cooking easy to clean?

Yes! Because the glass surfaces don’t actually get hot, food spills and messes wipe right off after cooking. A quick pass with a sponge keeps these cooktops looking brand new.

Start Cooking Smarter with Induction

I hope these induction range reviews and FAQs help you select the perfect induction appliance for faster, more energy-efficient cooking. With instant temperature control and cool-to-touch surfaces, induction ranges combine the best of gas and electric cooking.

Once you experience rapid boiling, precision simmering, and effortless cleanup, you’ll never go back to traditional cooktops again. Induction cooking really allows you to sear, sauté, and stir fry with restaurant-worthy speed and control.

Prices vary widely based on features and performance, so think about your needs and budget. And remember to check your cookware for induction compatibility before purchasing. With the right induction cooktop or range, you’ll be whipping up meals for your family in no time!

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